Friday, October 30, 2015

Mountain Lakes - Halloween celebration

Grace and Gwendelyn joined King Edward and Queen Marlissa on their journey back to Mountain Lakes to experience the three week celebration of Halloween. Pumpkin carvings, dogs in costumes, ice skating, paddle boats, miniature golf, surfing over the waterfall and of course, dancing. The two hardly got sleep from all the dancing and the discovery of karaoke!

Above are some pictures from the event and below is a video.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Local Happenings: First Class Is Colossal Success

Look at this happy group of people! These Fairy Garden enthusiasts enjoyed a morning of creativity and chit chat with other like-minded locals. 34 people were registered for this class and the back enclosure of Sunshine Growers Nursery was bustling. We couldn't keep the supplies stocked! Before the area cleared out, we already had 38 people signed up for our next class (more details on the next class at the end of this post). The Fairy magic is spreading!

This festive Fairy Garden was created by one of my very own Fairy Folk, a follower of this blog. Not only was she one of the only two class participants to bring her own container, she also was one of the only two to use real plants. This goes to show that these classes really do encourage you to use your creativity and utilize nature around you.

Here is another example of what can be done with a container from home, some live plants and festive decor. This garden was made by another of my Fairy Folks. Don't you think it turned out lovely? Below is a video of a handful of miniature gardens made by the class participants.

These ladies were nice enough to take a few moments to be interviewed by Grace. Thank you, Patty and Linda.

Look at our class being advertised on the big sign!

Our next Fairy Garden class will be held on November 14th at the same location, Sunshine Growers Nursery at the same time, 10am. The theme will be Thanksgiving and Christmas (we will not be having a class in December, make a note). The price has not been solidified but I will surely keep you up to date. As always, since you know the theme, you are encouraged to bring any small things from home that you think might make good fairy garden decorations. Bringing your own container from home is also encouraged but not required.

I want to send a big thank you to each and every one of you who attended the class and to those of you who were not able to attend but spread the word. I am very excited that the class was the success that it turned out to be and am overjoyed to learn about the growing number of locals interested.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The King's Return - The Entertainment

Young-Soon and Jin (L to R), pictured above, began the lineup of talented entertainment performing four songs from their homeland, Korea. The traditional-styled vocals by Young-Soon backed by Jin's flute were mesmerizing and everyone agreed it was beautiful.

Baby Groot dances on the stage to his favorite song until his limbs cannot take anymore!

Eloisa, Gina and Marte (L to R) play their old world instruments in a style that represents their homeland of Italy. History danced throughout every musical note.

This lively band hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. They played long and loud; Johnny Cricket can play that violin faster than anyone around, Tommy Boy can make your heart beat follow his drum pace, Fred's fingers prance atop his clarinet, swiftly jumping the notes from low to high. At the front of this ensemble is Louey; his voice harnesses inspiration from jazz, country and pop.

The boys played and played, well past the stage time of the other performers, but so is the nature of Jazz. The audience could not be contained to their seats and danced and danced, exhausting themselves with movement and laughter. The final song seemed to linger on as the crowd's energy dwindled, and as it ended, was greeted with applause and a tinge of sorrow that the entertainment was through.

Czz took to the stage and demanded all frowns be turned upside down to listen to his performance. The crowd returned to their seats, previously out of energy but now renewed, and within a few moments were out of their seats again, this time rolling on the ground with laughter from Czz's jokes. When his performance was over, the audience was completely drained and dragged their exhausted bodies and full souls back to their homes for some much needed rest.


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Final Guests Arrive; Better Late Than Never

One of the last groups to arrive for the King's Returning Ceremony is this bunch. You may recognize King Edward and Queen Marlissa from Mountain Lakes, along with their blue feathered friend, Pico. They were escorted by Pierre, a curious fellow from Canada, and his flock of geese who are fitted with flowered hats gifted to them by the Queen.
King Edward arrives via Goose.
Pierre is happy to arrive and meet the community members for the first time.

Queen Marlissa greets King Mac with compliments and well wishes. Czz waits patiently to introduce himself and the more Marlissa swoons over the King, the harder it is for him to hold back laughter.

Grace shows up with her notebook to interview King Edward. Pierre does his best to butt in on the conversation, hoping he will also be mentioned in the interview. Pico can be seen in the background curiously exploring the large goose.

Czz, Queen Marlissa and King Mac keep their distance from the interview at hand; the King out of respect, the Queen in an attempt to flirt with the King, and Czz due to the better entertainment value this display has.

The geese pick a quiet spot to rest in. They plan to give out rides later on in the day, but for now, they're quite tired.


Garden Revamp - Front Window, September 2015

Front Window, January 2015,
the "bare bones"
Cinder blocks are added as a border

September 2015
I begin my front window revamp
with the help of Mr. Peanut
Planned placement

In the back row are three purple Salvia plants (which hold up beautifully in the heat and drought of Southern California) and two Dwarf Fountain Grass 'Red Bunny Tails', both available at Home Depot.

The addition of bark will keep the soil moist. The colorful array of flowers in the cinderblocks were actually purchased at my local .99 store. Colorful flora doesn't have to break the bank folks.

This centerpiece ties the flowerbed together, all three colors of the flowerbed are represented in this potted plant, also found at Home Depot. It's still in the pot because this is not it's permanent home.


Garden Revamp - Side Patio, September 2015

My blank canvas
Cleaned up and plants cut back

Planned placement

Planted arrangement
A touch of color

The side patio is finished for now. The bark covers the soil and keeps the moisture in. The rocks are a great place for fairies to bask in the sunlight.

Anchor plants here include day lilies, zebra grass and purple fountain grass, among some small clusters of flowers that I actually found at my local dollar store.


Local Happenings: REMINDER, Fairy Garden Class

This is a reminder that my very first Fairy Garden class will be taking place in a few days. I'd also like to announce that there WILL be prizes given out to participants - as if the incentive of making your own Fairy Garden wasn't enough. If you read my blog and attend the class, please come up and say hello. I will be available after the class to answer questions and am open to general chit chat. If you are unable to make it to the class but are in the area, please visit Sunshine Growers Nursery to view my Fairy Garden display.

Sunshine Growers Nursery, Yucaipa, CA

WHO: Hosted by Grandma Sandy for anyone who purchases a minimum of $10 at the nursery
WHAT: Halloween-Themed Fairy Garden Class
WHEN: October 10, 2015 @10am-12pm
WHERE: Sunshine Growers Nursery at 34017 Yucaipa Blvd., Yucaipa CA, 92399
MORE: Contact Sunshine Growers Nursery at (909) 797-9210