Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hawaii Inspires New Addition to Fairy Shores

I've finally done it! The plan and promise I made over a year ago to incorporate my worldly travel into my Fairy Garden has finally come to fruition. This is the first installation and represents my time in the Hawaiian Islands. I particularly enjoyed my time in O'ahu, specifically at the Polynesian Cultural Center. If I ever get a chance to return, I'd love to experience their evening luau.

The container was only $5 due to some damage. Damaged containers are a great way to save money on your fairy garden. In the picture above, you can barely notice the damage thanks to plant placement. I made sure to use tropical plants and took a lot of time finding a pineapple plant. Of course, drainage was put in before I began to fill it, as shown in the picture on the right.

This seahorse was a yard decoration my friend had. When I spotted it, I made sure to let her know that if she ever decided to get rid of it, I'd take it off her hands. A year later she remembered my infatuation with it and called me to say she was ready to part with it. 

Here is the illusive pineapple plant. I couldn't begin my Hawaii garden without it and I finally found it after a year of searching! I have a friend who has been trying to grow one and is having trouble so I knew I needed to buy one with fruit already on it. These plants get pretty big and the leaves are pretty sharp so you should give it 4 to 6 feet to grow and not crowd other plants.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How to Get Rid of an Eyesore

Take a look at this eyesore. It's not pretty but I'm sure some of you out there also have the same problem. A fence can be the line between your backyard and your neighbor's, preventing pets and items from crossing the divide, but it can't prevent you from seeing what's on the other side. For years I've been wanting to hide what was on the other side of this fence and with the help of my family, was able to put one more layer of visual barrier this past June. As a birthday gift, one son helped me to purchase the lattice fence (a portion is shown here) which was the beginning of this new project.

Both my sons and a few grandsons came over one weekend to help make this a reality. I'm so thankful to have these men in my life. What would have taken me months to complete was finished in less than one afternoon! The view is so much better, blocking out what I don't want to see on the other side of the fence. I also have plans to put in some plants along the fence line that will be 4-6ft tall (to hide that backyard even more).

Completed in the same afternoon, all the greenery and roots were evacuated with a rototiller, leaving a clean slate to work with. The cinderblocks line the area and are filled with potting soil so I can have even distribution of flowers.

I've laid down some cardboard at the suggestion of a few internet sources to cut down on the weeding I'll need to do in the future. This area will allow me to expand Fairy Shores and reintroduce food into my yard. I have yielded fruits and vegetables in my yard before, but it was before the time of this blog. This will be my second time working on a food garden and I am excited to use my experience and expand on it to share with My Fairy Folks.

Soil has been laid on top of the cardboard, wood chips will be laid down next and while I have since made progress, I believe the non-food portion of this garden will be complete around November. I plan to wait until Spring to begin the food garden.

Next month I'll share an update on this expanded Fairy Shores area.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Summer Hatchlings

Back in March I discovered some eggs in my garden. I would eye them daily when I was in the garden but once Summer came, I began to forget they were there, but the fairies didn't. The fairy community had come together to keep a watch on them because they knew that these were special eggs. Early on, Brittania (Keeper of the Dragons) took a keen interest in these eggs unbeknownst to me. I did feel like the fairies were acting a little secretive, giggling when I would check on the eggs or ask about their progress. I don't know much about hatching eggs so I assumed they maybe were just entertained by my lack of knowledge. But last month, July 11 to be exact, I discovered that the fairies had been keeping a secret from me. I would like to share this exciting video with you.

Here are the newborns! The fairies had all gathered round and were very quiet, at the request of Brittania, as these precious babies took their first breath and blinked their eyes in the morning sun. A little later I was able to take individual pictures. I was surprised at how docile they were. I'm so excited for the future of these scaled babies!

This "Black Beauty" is a sweet boy with puppy dog eyes.
This red dragon is the only female of the bunch and is already so photogenic, I can imagine great photo opportunities in the future.
This little guy is noticeably irritated with the amount of pictures I've taken and at the suggestion of Brittania, this was the end of my photo shoot.

As mentioned in the video, these magical beasts haven't been named yet. The fairies will be having a vote on names soon and I suggested we allow My Fairy Folks to put a few names in the hat. So, please leave your name suggestions for the dragons in the comments below.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fairy Garden Class - Large Box Container

Perennial Pointe had a new addition recently with this floppy cottage. This is the lovely cottage that I purchased at the Fairy Garden Festival back in May that was hand crafted by Grace Bagwell from Diamond Bar. I finally decided where I wanted this lovely artwork to go and documented my journey to this finished product as a walk through for this month's Fairy Garden Class.

I bought this wooden box at Home Depot a few years ago, probably around $30, which contained an array of succulents and other plants for Spring. Since then the succulents have been moved (and the other plants had died long before that) and left me with an empty box. But as you all should know by now, anything unused can be reused for a container garden.

For wooden containers, I would suggest you line it with plastic and poke holes in it before filling with drainage material (rocks, wood chips, etc.) to keep the wood from rotting and allow a long-lasting container. This wooden box came with open slats on the bottom that allows for great drainage. Rocks and soil in place, I filled the bed with an array of colorful flowers.

I put down an old T-shirt in the exposed soil where I wanted to lay down some decorative pebbles. 

There are multiple reasons I use this material: It holds moisture, the pebbles remain separate from the soil which keep them clean, and it makes removal of pebbles much easier by simply lifting up the T-shirt instead of picking them out a handful at a time.

Stacking a few different sized terra cotta saucers upside down in a line creates a cute path and base for the fairy cottage.

How do you feel about this container garden? Do you have a similar one? Please feel free to share your container gardens with me by sending me some photos and descriptions to my email - they may be featured on my blog! If you enjoy these online fairy garden classes and would like to be added to the emailing list for updates on our in-person fairy garden classes (in the Inland Empire area of Southern California), please send a request to grandmasefg@gmail.com.

If you'd like to contact Grace Bagwell (the artist who created the ceramic cottage), her email is gbagwell318@gmail.com and her phone number is 909-576-3894.