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Friday, November 10, 2017

Preparing the Feast

They say a picture can say a thousand words - it's a shame I can't trade some of those words for a smell because this picture here smells delicious! We're prepping for the Fall Festival here in the garden.

The scarecrows are keeping a look out, making sure no critters come and mess with the food before it's ready. They are also great whistlers!

These cuties begged to help with the food prep and it's their first year. They're so excited!

Pumpkin - the fairy -  sits between some of the harvest, examining a small pumpkin, trying to decide what recipe would best suit it.

What a lovely Fall day!


Fall Has Arrived

Hazel the witch has made an appearance in the garden right on time and has brought some friends. Last year she helped pass out candy to the young fairies that celebrated Halloween.

This decorative witch heel is an example of how to change any container garden into a themed garden to add a little festive flair to your space.

This is Grover the Hedgehog, one of Hazel's friends. He's dressed as a Wizard.

Hazel is happy that her friends can join her in celebrating Fall this year in Grandma's Enchanted Fairy Garden. It won't be long now until the preparations begin.

This is another visiting friend, Hootie the owl. He's most excited for the Fall Festival food that Hazel has told him about.

These two scarecrows can't help but smile.


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bearizona; a Miniature Garden

This garden was inspired by my recent trip to Williams, Arizona - specifically an attraction called Bearizona.

This brown buffalo represents those we saw at Bearizona, both brown and white. I've never seen white buffalo before so it was surprising.

Here is a family of bears.

I purchased this piece during my time in Williams. All other animals in this garden were purchased either on my trip to Yellowstone, Alaska or locally. 

These two black bears are sitting on a log.

This brown bear came from Alaska, carved from wood, and caught salmon in his mouth.

This black bear is pushing the baby bear on a swing.


Williams, Arizona - Bearizona

While in Williams, Arizona, I visited a popular local attraction - Bearizona! There were many animals here, most that can be found naturally in Arizona. If you're planning a trip to Arizona and will be near Williams, I suggest stopping by this place, especially if you really like seeing animals in a natural setting.

This picture was taken during the driving portion of the entertainment. I'm so impressed with this great picture of a snoozing bear, enjoying the Summer day.

There are plenty of signs posted along the driving trail, letting you know what animals you are approaching and reminding you of the safety rules. Never open your door or window when driving near wild animals - remember, you're in their home, invading their privacy so be respectful.

This beaver is happily enjoying an afternoon meal which provided the perfect photo opportunity.

We took the opportunity for a photoshoot with the festive decorations.


Williams, Arizona - Miniature Camping Garden

Inspired by my Williams, Arizona trip, where I stayed at the Railside RV Park, this part of my fairy garden represents the quaint main building in the park. The building is inviting and has seating out front, as well as plenty of natural space for kids to play.

Also at the Park was a covered wagon (Update: I never got to ride that wagon) with a nearby play yard for children. I've had this wagon for a few years, purchased at Hobby Lobby, which fit perfectly here to represent the wagon in Williams.

This setting represents the multiple RVs at the park, full of traveling families.

These two are enjoying a cool evening by the fire.

I bought this camper a while ago, knowing I would be creating a miniature garden someday to represent one of my many camping trips.

Little Jimmy is another guest camping out this evening, warming his hands by the fire. It looks like he finished dinner recently and you can see his welcoming tent is up and ready for the night.


Williams, Arizona - Railside RV Ranch

Over the Summer, I took a trip with my husband to Williams, Arizona to visit one of My Fairy Folks. During our time there we stayed at a place called Railside RV Ranch & Cabin Rental. I took a few pictures and videos to give you all a taste of my vacation. This post is the first of a series covering this trip, including fairy gardens inspired by Williams, AZ.

This photos resides in the main office. I wanted to show you all the miniature golf cart and railroad spike paper weight. The cart could be a nice addition to a miniature garden, but I haven't found one yet. It represents the golf cart the staff uses to check on guests throughout the RV Park. The spike is a nice touch of history since the park is located right next to a train track - the train takes guests directly to the Grand Canyon.

This miniature garden was in the main office and is so adorable! It inspired me to create my own miniature garden based on this trip.

In the Covered Wagon Spa, guests can relax in a hot spa. Days in Arizona are hot but nights can get very cold and a hot spa is very relaxing.

Be safe, no diving!


Friday, October 6, 2017

Children At Play Series - Pt 7: Speed Track

This little cul-de-sac in my garden has been transformed into a speed track for children to play in. I realize that Disney's Cars is pretty popular and found these two at The Dollar Tree which was the inspiration for this garden.

The area is large enough for small children to drive the cars around the succulent feature and has some colorful plants surrounding the area to liven it up. Pinecones line the perimeter of the track.