Monday, November 19, 2018

Fall Challenge Submissions Pt 1

I sent out a request last month to My Fairy Folks, asking for their photo submissions for Fall-themed gardens. Here are a few that I have received so far.

This reader has decorated their door with a unique looking wreath that has warm colors but is not the typical autumn decor.

This eye-catching set up was put together by one of My Fairy Folks to make visitors feel welcome. This picture shows that this contest is not limited to home decor only, but I do need proof that it is something you put together (and not something you saw in public and then took a picture of).

The challenge will continue through the Fall season. I will choose one winner based on their submissions and the prize is a shout-out on either my blog, YouTube or Instagram (which could include a plug to promote whatever it is you are passionate about).


In the Garden - My Fairy Crate - October 2018

I've had this fairy for a while but this wagon is a new addition thanks to My Fairy Crate subscription box. She is wearing a hat made from the fallen husk of a goldenberry from my garden.

The bridge is also a new addition that arrived in October's box. The natural color makes it blend right in to the natural scenery, as if the bridge has a long history of guiding travelers safely to their destination. 

This fairy baby rests atop an acorn with a companion squirrel, wondering of it should wake the baby to achieve this massive feast. I was so happy when I saw this in my subscription box because I'm trying to collect one baby to represent each of the months for next year's new segment.

This market stand looks great in my food garden! I already had the apples, gourds and pumpkins, but the piece on the far left is a new addition to my decor (along with the stand).

If you'd like to subscribe to My Fairy Crate, I found them through a site called Crate Joy, where I believe anyone can find a subscription box that fits their interests.


Gifts for the Garden - October & November 2018

This assortment of pavers were gifted to me by my son, Mike, after he redid his flower beds. They are heavy things that I won't be able to pick up on my own, but thankfully I have many young, strong family members surrounding me.

The broken floor tiles were from a business remodel near my work and I rescued them from the trash. I managed to grab a bag full, so the pieces shown are a small percent of what I managed to grab. The rest of these gifts came from My Fairy Folks. The succulent wreath with attached bow is actually live succulents! The many pine cones will help me decorate my fairy gardens for Fall.

This decorative gifted pot has drainage and a connected saucer.

This is a collection of some more gifts given to me recently. This fancy SnowWoman will surely find her way into some festive photos. 

I've been wanting to do a seed exchange and this was the resulting reward from my recent exchange! I love snow peas.

This beautiful Lily was also gifted to me by one of My Fairy Folks and filled my bedroom with such a wonderful fragrance!

This bouquet was put together so well and resides in my living room.


Monday, October 29, 2018

My Fairy Crate - October 2018

This is the beautiful spread of items I received in October's My Fairy Crate subscription box. So festive!


Unboxing - Seed Bank Box - October 2018

Bull's Blood Beet - I'm not the biggest fan of beets, but this particular type has bright, purple leaves that are great for salads. I'm willing to try it once, of course, but it's good that I know a few family members that enjoy beets more than I do.

Garlic Chives - This unique onion will fit right in with the new area of my garden. It's used often in Asian dishes but in the garden, the small flowers that bloom help to attract pollinators and keep my garden looking beautiful and alive.

Giant Prague Celeriac - This unique looking vegetable can be identified by it knobby roots and is popular in Europe. This relative of celery is commonly feature in mashed potatoes, soup or simply fried. Interesting!

Salt and Pepper Cucumber - They taste similar to most cucumbers but what sets this type apart from the rest is it's pale complexion. The tiny black spikes on this white cucumber is where the name is derived and is great for pickling.

Spring Tower Greens - The leafy greens of this lettuce can be good for salads, but the bitter stalks of this Chinese specialty is great in soups and stir fry!

Black Magic Kale - This dark-leafed beauty will add some contrast to my garden, nutrients to my dinner table and is suggested for making a healthy snack - kale chips.

Cherry Belle Radish - These round, spicy roots are great in salads and quick to grow! 

Early Frosty Pea - These babies are frost tolerant so they can tolerate being grown in the cooler seasons. They're also great for freezing once harvested so you can save them for a later date.

As mentioned in my video, this will be my last Seed Bank Box delivery. I have so many seeds to be planted next season and I don't think I have much more room in my garden for any more deliveries. This service has been wonderful and I hope to be able to return to it in the future, but I need to cut down on what I'm spending on my garden.



Sunday, October 21, 2018

Fall Challenge to my Readers

This Fall scene is created with autumn-inspired decor such as the stacked pumpkin house, a hay bale and a wheel barrel full of a fall harvest. Send me photos of your fall gardens and I'll feature them on my blog. I'd like to put together a slideshow of all the seasonal gardens sent my way and share them on Instagram. I will choose one entrant at random and share something of their choice (blog, YouTube or other social media)

Pumpkin (middle) and Susie-Q always work together to during harvest season.


Illuminate - Autumn Spirits

This month's featured light post is for this interesting strand of lights that I purchased over the summer on sale at Walgreens. It was $3.95 for this one strand which is battery operated. I am calling them "ghost pumpkins" to be festive.

The scarecrow in the rear is lit up by a well positioned lighted orb - I mean, a pumpkin spirit!

This Farmer's Market stand and bundle of wheat in the rear came from My Fairy Crate subscription box this month. With a closer look at the light, they are entwined in a twisted wire which make for a unique look. I might even be able to use these in a western themed garden and call them tumble weeds.