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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Leprechaun Encounter

We've been getting lots of rain here in Southern California so new things are blooming practically every time I turn around! This bright pink petunia stood out amidst white dianthus and greenery and I needed to take a picture. To my surprise, I also captured a few leprechauns in the background!

"Have I met you two before?" I asked, catching them by surprise.
"Who, us? Oh no, we're not here," said the one on the left.
"Yeah, us, we're not here," chimed the one on the right.
"Yes, I believe the one on the right is Clancy and on the left is Fagan" I assured them.

"Oh no, nothing to see here," said one, and the other parroted him as they both turned away, repeating the words in song. I guess I snuck up on them while they were trying to hide their gold. I didn't want any, just a little chat, but maybe next year. Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Sweet Pea Teepee - Origins

I've been working on this project for half a year and am finally ready to introduce it to My Fairy Folks. I was inspired by a YouTube video from Away With The Fairy channel where she formed a teepee shape out of garden canes in a container and transplanted sweet peas that would climb up. With that inspiration, I decided to go bigger and start from seeds.

I cleared out a large area in Rosemary Park to start my project. This was September 28, 2017.

I brought out this wicker basket as a guideline to the base of the teepee.

These sticks were gathered from my yard and plucked of all their leaves. They will serve as the height guideline and support for the growing sweet peas that came in this seed packet.

With the area and height set in place (and tied with a pretty purple ribbon), I watered the area and waited.

This photo was taken in October, 2017. There's life!

Also from October, a few more sweet peas sprout from the base of the teepee.

This photo was taken in December 2017. Three months of growth, each of the stakes have sweet peas ready to climb. On the stick in the rear left, you can see the sweet pea is very eager to be first to the top.

In February, 2018, I added some string between the sticks to help the sweet peas fill in the empty spaces. In retrospect, I think I should have added more sticks to help fill in the base of the teepee, but I think this alteration has helped to aid their growth.

From this angle you can see where I plan to have the opening of the teepee. I've also planted some ferns to the left and right of the entrance to make it stand out more. Once this teepee is complete, I'll clean out the center for some great photo opportunities for my fairies. We had some heavy winds during the last six months so I'm very surprised this teepee withstood the elements!

I plan to have some more updated photos of this area by April. This project has made some wonderful progress in the last month and I'm so excited to share! Do you have any projects you're currently working on that you'd like to share with us? Feel free to email me your story and some photos so we can add them to the blog.


Fairy Garden Class: Anticipating Spring

Zinnia sits on a flower under a floral trellis petting a lady bug in her hand. Thorin the porcupine hums a sweet tune while he cuts through the morning chill on a small swing. They both talk about things they are looking forward to this Spring.

I began this container garden with a large tin bucket (from Michael's for $9) and put in drainage holes. I purchased an array of colorful flowers from Home Depot including yellow snap dragons, red petunias and pink vinca. My centerpiece will be the Perilla 'Magilla' which has beautifully colored leaves.

After deciding how I wanted the layout to look, I went ahead and added coffee filters at the very bottom, topped with small rocks and finished off with the potting soil. The largest plant is place in the rear middle first and the smaller plants fill in the sides evenly. As usual, I left a large area in the middle and front so that I can add decorations.

The soil is covered by a sheet of faux moss to set a lovely scene. The small rocks create a nice border as well as cover any visibility of the moss edge. Pinecones are a nice way to fill in space with a natural look.


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

My Fairy Folks: Gifts for the Garden

This gnome was gifted to me by a follower from Yucaipa, CA. It's no secret to readers that I enjoy mushrooms and keeping gnomes in my garden, so it is a great gift! Believe it or not, I already know what scene he'll be perfect in and it's pretty exciting to me.

These rocks were brought to me by my granddaughter. Her and her boyfriend traveled to Arizona recently and saw many beautiful rocks and shells and thought I might like to use them in my garden.

I recently rinsed them off to show off their beauty better. The array of colors is amazing.

The rocks have such unique shapes! The large, dark stone strongly resembles a heart. I also think the red stone to the right of it looks like a heart, but my other granddaughter thinks it looks like a chicken.

The stones arrived a few weeks short of being featured in this Valentine's Day garden. Isn't it amazing how much these violas have grown since then?

Here's a close up of the smaller, red heart stone. Or is it a chicken? What do you think this stone looks like? Let us know in the comments below. 


New Purchases from Jo-Ann

Here's an overview of my recent Jo-Ann haul. I didn't have much intention to purchase anything, but my grand daughter discovered there were fairy items in the clearance section and had to partake.

This small building looks to be a small grocery store. It was originally $20 but marked down to $4.97.

In the background is a large bag of decorative rocks (which were not on sale, priced at $7.99, but reduced to $4.76 with a coupon) for upcoming updates to Fairy Shores. This seaside rock and coral cluster, also for Fairy Shores, was $2.47. The good sized set of a stone table and seats was $15 originally, priced down to $3.97.

This cute greenhouse was originally $29.99, a price I would not have splurged for, but at the clearance price of  $7.47, it was a bargain!

This tiny tin bucket was $1.47 after being marked down from $5.99.

This is such a cute decoration, but at $8.99, a little pricey. I was able to snatch it up at the clearance price of  $2.47.

I wouldn't pay $6.99 for these tiny things, but I would, and did, pay $1.47 (and regret not purchasing more at that deeply discounted price).

I have been keeping an eye out for fairy babies, especially when they're on sale. This piece was normally  $9.99, but all regular priced fairy items were 40% off so I was able to have him join the family for only $5.99.
These adoreably tiny garden tools were originally priced at $8.99 but clearance to $2.47. I can imagine such cute scenes of my tiny fairies digging up my food garden.

Finally, I felt this unique and colorful piece would look great in the update of Fairy Shores. He was also in the clearance section. Originally $12.99, a price I'd pass on quickly, was reduced to $3.47 - much more reasonable.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Calla Lily For Spring

Spring brings new greens to my garden. I've put these Calla Lily, asparagus fern and viola together for a container garden.

This arch has pretty flowers on it.

This particular Calla Lily has an attractive feature in it's variegated leaves, giving them a speckled look and the reason for purchasing these plants.

Asparagus fern and violas.

This close up shows some extra coloring in the petal which was also a unique factor that pushed me to this purchase.


Getting Ready For Spring

Radella, left, and Diana have been absent from the garden for a few months on official business. Alvina, the third council member, has not yet returned. These two have set out to relax after their journey but realized their area needed to be spruced up.

The area is cleared of dead leaves. Flowers are added around the inner and outer perimeter.
Moss is added to cover the soil and create a lively landscape.

Phew! Now that that's done, Radella and Diana can relax comfortably.