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Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Traveling Life

This morning I was greeted with a pleasant surprise - two faeries I'd never seen before were relaxing by the pond, seemingly pretty tired. I introduced myself and learned that Nadya and Luca had traveled all night and settled here just before dawn. Luca looks very exhausted here - he was trying very hard not to be rude and fall asleep while Nadya and I had most of the conversation.

Here is their unique home! It is a hollowed out log that they've made into a very comfortable house. According to Nadya (and approved by Luca's nod), they are travelers, never staying in one place too long but always bringing with them their house.

Their supplies are stored on the back of their home securely which makes it easy to access and cook outdoors. Nadya is hoping to makes some friends here and have them over for a meal to share the stories of their travels.


Gifts for the Garden

Recently I decided to create a new collection with some older things (I only spent money on the moss for this one). I went ahead and took a variety of clippings from my succulents to dress up a few pots I already had, including this one with a cherub on it. The statue of the cherub helps to carry the theme to a different style pot.

Continuing the angel theme, I brought out these two figures that were gifted to me by one of My Fairy Folks. The lighter ground cover surrounding the angels helps to accentuate them, almost acting as a spotlight.

These musical angels are accompanied by a few varieties of succulents that vary in color.

This is an angel after my own heart, holding a bundle of sunflowers in a sunflower dress, with a few in her hair and at her feet! What a great gift for Grandma; thank you, follower!


Thursday, June 1, 2017

My Fairy Folks: Arizona

Here are some photos from one of My Fairy Folks in Arizona.

This fairy garden proves that fairy gardens can thrive in any climate. This particular morning it was 89 degrees, but it is known to get well into the triple digits!

Many of these miniatures are handmade.

Here's a gnome, peeking through the greenery. Thank you so much for showing us this fairy garden. If you are a Fairy Folk and would like to share your fairy garden on my blog, feel free to contact me. I always love seeing all the other fairy gardens in the world.


Return of the Pigweed

The Mystery Plant from November that was identified in January (read previous post) as Amaranthus (aka Pigweed) has made a new appearance in my yard. I loved the look of it and seeded along my back fence line, hoping it would provide a full, beautiful way to block out my neighbor's yard. Well, here's an update.

None of the seeds that I planted took, despite all my efforts. However, you can see that the plant did bloom in an unconventional place; between the pavers of my nice seating area. So, I sacrificed my seating area so that these plants could take it over, only in the hopes of harvesting more seeds to try the fence line again. 

They've absolutely taken over this portion of my yard. See that fence back there? The original plant was in one of the cement blocks that isn't even in the picture (off to the left). I'm thankful that this is as far as they got, and really hope that my second attempt at the fence line will go better.


Sunday, May 7, 2017

Spring Is In The Air

My newest fairy, gifted to me by my husband, arrives just in time for Spring.

I would like to introduce My Fairy Folks to a recent visitor of my garden. This is Colette, a princess from France. Here she's seen admiring the colorful new blooms; yellow daffodil, white and purple alyssum, pink daisies and even some snapdragons in the background. I'm not sure how long she'll stay but she seems to have made a new friend in Princess Jezelle.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Fairy Garden Class - Budget Friendly Inspiration

I've said it before and I'll say it again - succulents are an amazing plant. They thrive where other plants cannot, they require little attention, the variety of color, shape and size is amazing and if you need to fill out a new container garden when you're inspired by one item, it's very easy to take clippings from multiple succulents.

This delicate looking fairy was gifted to me by one of My Fairy Folks. During a trip to Home Depot I noticed this flowering succulent that reminded me of her pink and white dress. I purchased it for $2.49 and came home to get started on my newest container garden.

I always have containers, small rocks and potting mix at my house which means I didn't have to buy these supplies. I decided which succulents from my yard I wanted to use for the scene and clipped what I would use, allowing a few days for their clip site to scab over before planting. 

The bold green succulent makes Zinnia stand out while the pink-tipped succulents allow her to still blend in.

I really love that this fairy can be removed from her flower seat and be repositioned elsewhere.


Welcome to Flintshire

This area of my yard is where I began my venture into Fairy Gardening six years ago (view my humble beginning). Surprisingly, it has never been named in the way many sections of my yard have. I began giving areas of my yard names after my focus had moved from this initial corner. Fairies have basically taken over most of my yard so now I return to this initial area and have decided to spruce it up and name it. True to it's origin, the two pieces of the bright red BBQ that started it all is still a prominent piece in this area which has been named Flintshire.

Flintshire, like most of my garden, is quickly occupied by fairies ready to settle in and play. This is contained in one portion of the BBQ.

You'll notice the snow and holiday decor around this home. These items were gifted to me by my son for Christmas so I put them in the garden January. The fairies were not upset to celebrate the holidays a little longer.

This cozy home is also a gift from my son and is located in the other half of the BBQ. 

A few accent pieces here - the bridge, bonfire and two chairs - were also part of the gift set.

California is notorious for it's warm weather but there are times (especially this time of year) when gathering around a bonfire is especially cozy.