Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Boxwood Glen Open House

    Toby and Rascal the raccoons arrived to Boxwood Glen early, sure that they would be the first to see the unveiling of the new area. They knew that most of the fairies would still be in bed at this time, recovering from all the partying from the Spring Festival the night before. They made their way around the tall grass and glanced around.

Rascal, left, and Toby enjoy the colorful surroundings.

    To their surprise, they discovered that they were not the first to arrive and had been beaten by Frogge and PoePoe, gleefully teeter-tottering on the pathway in the early morning light. "What are you doing here!?" Toby asked. "The same thing that you're doing here," replied Frogge, "we're here to see the open house of the first Boxwood Glen home."

Rascal and Toby notice that Frogge and PoePoe have beat them to the punch!

    The four of them took in the scenery and admired the new home, including the banner of flags that was put up specifically for the open house most likely the night before, an area with potted flowers and gardening supplies and a seating area out front with an array of goodies!

The beginnings of a garden for the new home owners (whoever they may be).

    Rascal and Toby eyed the snacks and began to nibble. "Yeah, we've already had some of that. You missed the jelly-filled donuts, we ate all of those," Frogge said. "The early amphibians gets the donuts," giggled PoePeo.

An arial view of the early open house, complete with seating area and bridge.

    Once their bellies were full, the four of them chatted about the rumors for this new neighborhood. "I heard they are going to have a race track!" exclaimed Rascal. "Oh, the king loves horse racing," replied PoePoe. "If that is true, I hope they can have it done by August," Frogge said, "because that is when the King will be back." Toby nibbled at the crumbs on his face and asked "I wonder if there's anything we can do to help?"


Myleene and Carolina

Myleene poses with Polly the Parrot and Carolina, her old friend and new addition to the community, for a photo opportunity at the Spring Festival.

Carolina and Myleene have been best friends for a long time. Myleene has been bragging about living in Grandma's Fairy Garden in the letters she sends to Carolina and invited her to move in. Carolina arrived just in time to celebrate with her friend, and make new ones, at the Spring Festival.

Myleene is very happy to see her friend again.

Carolina poses for her very first portrait for Grandma.

Carolina and Myleene spent most of the Spring Festival separated from the crowds, catching up.

Grandma is so happy to have another fairy in her garden, especially one who has such a good friend already.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is one of the biggest celebrations of the year. So many have arrived and more are still to come!

A few of the guests entertain themselves, awaiting the arrival of the Queen and Princess.

This year's celebration is held in Teapot Glen. The decorations add a burst of color.

Princess Jezelle arrives in a carriage decorated to represent Spring, pulled by two dragons that are handled by Brittania.

Queen AmberLynn converses with the guests from Ireland.

Another photo of the colorful decorations put up in Teapot Glen.

These young fairies patiently wait for the Easter Egg hunt that Grandma put together for them, wanting to share her Spring traditions as well.


Frequent Visitor

Mr. Peanut lives in Grandma's house and visits the fairies daily, making sure that the fairy gardens are safe of any pesky cats or rodents. He is sure not to knock over any furniture and stays on the paths. He is very gentle and the fairies have taken to him quickly. Grandma took this picture of Mr. Peanut listening in on some of the fairies gossiping. This photo goes out to Google follower Wandering Wren; you have posted so many pictures of your furry friend that I wanted to show you one of Mr. Peanut (and more to come in the future).

Brianna's Tour - Final

Brianna and the Queen round out the end of their tour at Teapot Glen. She informs Brianna that the upcoming Spring Festival will be held in this area.


Thursday, April 2, 2015

FAQ: Fairies Answer Questions - Answers

It's time to answer some questions! We had one come in on my fairy Facebook page and two others here on the blog. So lets get started.

Lorena M. was curious about something mentioned in a recent post where the music teachers Maestro and Minstrel were introduced; "I was just wondering what is a bardic tale?"

To explain this, I'll need to share a little Medieval history (with the help of Wikipedia). A bard was employed by a person of higher class to write poems praising their ancestors and family name. This term soon also became associated with authors and singers who would share epic tales which may have been based on fact but also bloated with embellishments for the sake of entertainment. So a bardic tale would be a entertaining story or song that is based on a fact. 

My granddaughter Elissa H. wanted to know what my favorite fairy was. I had never really thought about it and it's a hard choice since I am constantly getting new arrivals, but I think my favorite is... all of them!!! How can you expect me to choose one! That's like choosing a favorite child or grandchild; impossible.

Finally, we have a question from my fairy Facebook page.

"Your irises are beautiful! Do you dig them up when they are finished blooming or do you leave them in the ground in hopes they will come up again next year?"Maureen M.

I was visiting the home of my best friend earlier this year and her Irises caught my eye. They were stunning and I made an impulse trip to the store on my way home to buy the exact kind. They weren't bulbs, they were teetering on the edge of blooming, and it is the first Iris I've ever had. I plan to leave them planted and see what happens. I also plan to buy more, perhaps experimenting with different colors.