Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My Fairy Folks: Riverside

I want to say thank you to one of My Fairy Folks who sent in photos of this fairy garden from Riverside, California. I enjoy the different levels here and the patriotism is very timely with Independence Day just around the corner!

She added a touch of personality with this time piece on a chain.

She used a few different types of succulents and decorated with a miniature "iron" work birdcage, gate and fenced in perimeter.

There's even this little chair. What a cute fairy garden!

If you have a fairy garden you'd like to share with me and the rest of My Fairy Folks, please email me with photos and some details for me to share!


Farewell to Spring

Here's a collection of photos from my gardens that I didn't have time to share during this Spring. Farewell, Spring - we'll miss you.

The painted lady has become surrounded by foliage, accompanied by garden gnomes.

Yellow Day Lillies.

Red Day Lillies.

"Sunrise" Day Lilly.

Peach Day Lilly.

Speckled Petunias.

California Poppies and some purple stuff.

The infamous Pigweed.

So, we never found out what this plant in the middle is (tall, white flower), so if you have suggestions, please share with me. These tall, purple flowers are Lilly of the Nile.

A collection of pansies, Lily of the Nile, spider plant and artificial flowers covering my garden hose (I'll have to remember to discuss that at a later date).

Another area of the yard.

Yellow Day Lilly.

Princess Colette surrounded by vibrant flowers.

Yellow and white Iris.

Cheerful gardener gnomes admire pansies and daisies.

The painted lady is no longer the tallest thing in this area of the garden.

And that wraps up the parade of Spring pictures! I hope you enjoyed them. Below are the videos associated with the above pictures, so look at them all twice!


Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Traveling Life

This morning I was greeted with a pleasant surprise - two faeries I'd never seen before were relaxing by the pond, seemingly pretty tired. I introduced myself and learned that Nadya and Luca had traveled all night and settled here just before dawn. Luca looks very exhausted here - he was trying very hard not to be rude and fall asleep while Nadya and I had most of the conversation.

Here is their unique home! It is a hollowed out log that they've made into a very comfortable house. According to Nadya (and approved by Luca's nod), they are travelers, never staying in one place too long but always bringing with them their house.

Their supplies are stored on the back of their home securely which makes it easy to access and cook outdoors. Nadya is hoping to makes some friends here and have them over for a meal to share the stories of their travels.


Gifts for the Garden

Recently I decided to create a new collection with some older things (I only spent money on the moss for this one). I went ahead and took a variety of clippings from my succulents to dress up a few pots I already had, including this one with a cherub on it. The statue of the cherub helps to carry the theme to a different style pot.

Continuing the angel theme, I brought out these two figures that were gifted to me by one of My Fairy Folks. The lighter ground cover surrounding the angels helps to accentuate them, almost acting as a spotlight.

These musical angels are accompanied by a few varieties of succulents that vary in color.

This is an angel after my own heart, holding a bundle of sunflowers in a sunflower dress, with a few in her hair and at her feet! What a great gift for Grandma; thank you, follower!


Thursday, June 1, 2017

My Fairy Folks: Arizona

Here are some photos from one of My Fairy Folks in Arizona.

This fairy garden proves that fairy gardens can thrive in any climate. This particular morning it was 89 degrees, but it is known to get well into the triple digits!

Many of these miniatures are handmade.

Here's a gnome, peeking through the greenery. Thank you so much for showing us this fairy garden. If you are a Fairy Folk and would like to share your fairy garden on my blog, feel free to contact me. I always love seeing all the other fairy gardens in the world.


Return of the Pigweed

The Mystery Plant from November that was identified in January (read previous post) as Amaranthus (aka Pigweed) has made a new appearance in my yard. I loved the look of it and seeded along my back fence line, hoping it would provide a full, beautiful way to block out my neighbor's yard. Well, here's an update.

None of the seeds that I planted took, despite all my efforts. However, you can see that the plant did bloom in an unconventional place; between the pavers of my nice seating area. So, I sacrificed my seating area so that these plants could take it over, only in the hopes of harvesting more seeds to try the fence line again. 

They've absolutely taken over this portion of my yard. See that fence back there? The original plant was in one of the cement blocks that isn't even in the picture (off to the left). I'm thankful that this is as far as they got, and really hope that my second attempt at the fence line will go better.