Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Brianna's Tour - The Gardens

Queen AmberLynn continues Brianna's tour of the gardens. They make their way past the entryway of the Queens Court in full bloom.

Brianna asks to stop and view a small grouping of colorful Iris'.

They also flew above the flourishing Council Square.

AmberLynn decided to take Brianna past the newest section of the garden, Poppy Lane. They say hello to Johnny Jump and Daisy who are having a nice chat.

The head gardener is caught in action, sprucing up another section of the vibrant Poppy Lane.



Brianna's Tour - The School

One morning while Brianna had been chatting with Zookned, Leeann and Patrick, Queen AmberLynn made a surprise visit. After formal greetings the Queen announced that today she would take Brianna on a tour of the school. Brianna said farewell to her friends, excited to see the place where she would be spending most of her time as the newest teacher.

Queen AmberLynn, left, waits patiently as Brianna says goodbye to Zookned, Leeann and Patrick.

In a matter of moments, they both flew over the school yard. Brianna couldn't believe how much was going on! There were a few small groups of kids and teachers spread out all over, each learning something different.

AmberLynn and Brianna quietly land near the school yard.

The Queen explains to Brianna what her role will be in the school before she fills out paperwork with Radella. Beginning next semester, an herb garden should be in bloom to get Brianna started with her lessons.

Brianna and the Queen hash out the details on the new class.

The two of them continue with the tour of the school, meeting teachers and students in their learning spaces.

A large group of students gather round the Tree of Wisdom. This is where most of the lessons take place for all ages. Today they are learning about fairy history.

Willow, center, reads a story to the children in the play area. Willow has been in charge of teaching the younger children for a while now since she has shown that she is very patient and caring, and the children love when she sings her lessons.

April, left, and June enjoy some time with the music teachers, Maestro and Minstrel. Maestro is the taller of the two and specializes is composing music while Minstrel has a way with words, singing bardic tales. The duo create lovely melodies that harmonize and inspire. During their music classes children learn how to sing traditional fairy songs, read music and, with the help of guest teachers, learn to play instruments.


FAQ - Fairies Answer Questions, Second Installment

This is the second installment of FAQ for my blog. Our first request for questions from my readers was posted in January and answers were posted in February. Now that it's March, it's time to call out for your questions once again.

I invite all of my followers to comment on this post with any questions they might have for me about fairy gardens and even questions you might have for specific fairies (which I will pass on to them). I will try and answer your questions in a timely manner and in due time, will make a follow up blog post that will feature some questions and their answers.


Friday, March 6, 2015

The Gnomes From Woodland Grove, Part 4 - Green Greets the Queen

Bright and early the following day, Patrick made a visit to Queen AmberLynn. They had a nice long chat about the exhausting journey of yesterday as well as the wonderful time he and his tribe had when King Mac came to visit in South Ireland. Patrick also told the Queen about the agreement made to arrive to her community early to offer help in finalizing any construction and to help other guests from around the world travel through the rainbow (the fastest way to travel) in time to celebrate the grand arrival of the King in August. Patrick was inspired by King Mac's journey with the Prince and decided that his own son could learn about leadership and goodwill during this trip.

Queen AmberLynn and Patrick the Leprechaun have a lengthy conversation amongst the flowers.

Meanwhile, Princess Jezelle was far too curious about the new arrivals to stay away. Ryan, Brianna and Liam heard a knock at the door and were greeted by Jezelle's smile. She shook the hand of each of them, introduced herself and welcomed them to the community, remembering to be polite and princess-like. After a bit of talking though, she let down her royal personality and became an excited young fairy, eager to learn about Ryan and his homeland. Jezelle had never been to Ireland and wanted to know all about it.

Jezelle listens, captivated by Ryan's stories about Ireland.

Time flew by and before they knew it, Patrick was back from his visit with the Queen. He informed the others that everything had been decided on; Ryan and Patrick would begin helping with construction tomorrow, Brianna would be in charge of teaching herbal medicine at the community school and Liam would meet with the Queen to make a guest list and prepare travel plans.

Everyone is excited to learn that they all have a job to do in this community.

Grandma heard of the news and was also excited to hear that the new arrivals had already found ways to help in the community. Patrick apologized to Grandma for his initial outburst yesterday and complimented her on her garden. Patrick had also learned from AmberLynn about Grandma's blog so he wanted to send a message to her readers:
"The luck of the Irish be with you."
Happy St. Patrick's Day


The Gnomes From Woodland Grove, Part 3

As the light dissipated, the Fern family saw that the once empty lot was no longer empty. Now the lot was filled with furniture, dishes, books, tools and more - basically everything one would find inside of a house - scattered all around and a family of tiny people dressed in green surrounding a large black pot of gold. The Fern family began to calm down a bit, deciding that this group seemed non-threatening. Zookned told the children to stay put and moved to greet the group. The strangers began to gather all their belongings, at the same time surveying their surroundings. The children watched the people dressed in green quickly organize the whirlwind of a mess that their arrival had made and Sue thought to herself 'they must have done this many times before to be able to clean up that quickly.'

The 'strangers' arrive in the empty lot by way of a rainbow and quickly make themselves at home.

It was at this time that Grandma came out to her garden. She had heard the commotion all the way inside her house where she was working on her blog and rushed outside to see where all the noise was coming from. One of the men in green saw Grandma before she saw him and he jumped into the black pot full of gold. "You can't have me gold!" he shouted. Grandma heard this and looked down at him. "I don't want your gold, I just came to see what was making such loud noises out here."
Zookned explained to Grandma what had happened with the rainbow and the clattering. As fairies from the garden gathered around, the group in green introduced themselves.

Tribal Leader, Patrick
Ryan, son of Patrick

Liam, Keeper of the Rainbow
Brianna, the Healer

Patrick is the Tribal leader, invited to the community by King Mac on his travels through South Ireland, and father to Ryan. Liam is the Keeper of the Rainbow, the tribe's main mode of transportation and how they arrived to the empty lot (and perhaps partakes too much in adult beverages). These three are Leprechauns. The fairy Brianna is a healer who accompanied the leprechauns on their journey, also invited by the King, to teach herbal medicine to the community.

After some introductions, the 'strangers' didn't seem so strange anymore
(other than the fact that they're leprechauns, of course)

The excitement died down as the group of new arrivals announced their plans to get some rest early as they were very exhausted from their lengthy trip. Patrick made it known that he would be meeting with the Queen first thing tomorrow.