Friday, May 29, 2015

Contest Clarification

I've received a handful of replies to my very first contest and would like to thank you all. The contest is still open for entries and you can enter with as many suggestions as you like but I'd like to address a mistake I may have made. Most of the entries make me believe that I may have worded the contest in a confusing way; most entries seem to be suggesting a new name for the blog which is not what I'm looking for.

So, to clarify, I am looking for a term or phrase to use to describe my followers. My granddaughter found information on wikipedia to describe fandom and I think it may explain it better than I am. You can find that information by clicking this link. This is along the lines of what I'm searching for - a title for the collective you, my readers.

To see the prize that is up for grabs, click here.

For the post that introduces this contest and to add to our FAQ to be answered in June, click here.


Growth Spurt

Above is a collage that my granddaughter made for me from photos taken to show the growth progress of a few of my sunflowers.

This shy sunflower is not ready for center stage just yet.

"Okay, maybe just a little peek."

"Like this? I think I can do this."

"You can't keep me from showing off you grumpy rain clouds!"

My granddaughter poses next to Myleene, left, and Carolina to show the size comparison. She is standing on a low wall, otherwise the sunflower would be taller than her!
Myleene admits that this is her favorite place to relax. She says the sunflower colors remind her of the sunrise at anytime of day.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Get Creative, Win A Prize

    In the last installment of FAQ, I mentioned that there was a prize to be won for any reader who could come up with the most creative name to bestow upon my group of followers. I have finally decided what that prize will be; the winner will receive the following, pictured below: two fairy beach chairs, one fairy beach umbrella and one fairy beach table - a great booster pack for anyone wanting to start their own beach fairy scene. Be sure to enter simply by leaving your creative answer in the comments of THIS POST.

Fairy How-To: How To Grow A House

    There are many interesting and fascinating things about Fairies that most people do not know. Just like any other culture, Fairies do things a little different than most people which lead me to begin this Fairy How-To segment.

Housing - we humans have many issues when it comes to housing and it can be very costly to keep up with maintenance and relocation. Fairies do not have much of a problem with housing, mainly because they grow their own from the ground with fairy magic. Many times fairies will make themselves at home in a tree, gourd, and even fruits and vegetables. Today we will focus on a small house, perfect for the single fairy, made from a mushroom.

Not all fairies grow houses. Just like humans, there are certain fairies who are trained in one craft. Here in our community the Master Gardener has been training Cricket and PattyCake, two of his newest apprentices. After over a year of training, the two are comfortable enough with their craft to show me the process of growing a mushroom house.

STEP 1: We begin with fertile soil by adding nutrients from a compost pile. So far, so normal - but then it takes a turn for the magical; crystals are added to the soil which will bestow strength and insulation to the walls of the typically squishy fungus. These crystals are said to have been passed down throughout the centuries from one Master Gardener to the next. Both Cricket and PattyCake hope to achieve that title in the future.

Cricket, left, and PattyCake show the beginning stages of a mushroom house.

STEP 2: More magic, of course. Magical seeds of all varieties are created by master gardeners. Can you believe there is a seed for a mushroom? Seeds are very fertile and grow quickly so apprentices are taught to secure their seed satchels before each flight. It has been known, on occasion, to have a cluster of houses pop up overnight due to a clumsy gardner's apprentice. Unfortunately, this action is not easily overlooked when applying to be a master gardener and neither Cricket nor PattyCake have ever done this and always double check the security of their satchels.

After some time has passed and plenty of attention, more houses sprout.

STEP 3: Watering is very important. If you water too much, the house could become too big, too quickly and sink in the moist ground. If you don't water enough, it won't be large enough to live in and be labeled as a child's playhouse. There is only a certain window of time that a magical seed will be fruitful, so adding more water to a house that didn't grow big enough will do no good. Lack of water also risks the home not fully developing insulation.

The process of growing houses is a daily routine. No vacation time for these little apprentices.

STEP 4: Once the mushroom is deemed livable by the housing society, construction crews can begin work on installing a door, windows, internal walls, and all other necessary additions that make a mushroom a home. Pretty soon, these mushrooms will be inhabited by happy fairies or other creatures.

Finally, after a few months of daily attention, this mushroom's walls are sturdy enough to be considered a home. A door and window have been installed and the inside has been gutted out and ready to be decorated. PattyCake is very proud of a job well done.


Happy Mother's Day

    Above are some of the wonderful gifts I received from my children this past Mother's Day weekend. My daughter gave me some beautiful flowers in a vase and plans to take me to the beach for brunch. Also pictured is a "Create Your Own Fairy Garden" by Creative Roots gifted to me by youngest son which includes a handful of accessories and includes a wooden planter. And finally, not pictured, my eldest son and husband came together to fund the purchase of a Fairy Treehouse I've had my eye on for quite some time. It is about 5ft tall and... well, I won't spoil it. You'll have to wait until June to see it.

I hope the rest of my readers had an enjoyable Mother's Day as well.


Monday, May 4, 2015

High and Dry; Sunflower's First Bloom

The sun woke up this flower and caught me by surprise. It won't be long now before the others open up.

This photo was taken only one day later. When they are ready to bloom, they sure open up fast.

Myleene noticed me taking photos two days in a row, so the morning this photo was taken (on the third day), she made sure to be hovering around the flower and snuck into my photo.


FAQ - Fairies Answer Questions, Third Installment

It is the month of May and time to roll out our FAQ post again. Last time my readers got a little Medieval history lesson, learned about my Irises and that Grandma does not play favorites when it comes to the Fairies.

I invite all of my readers to comment on this post with any questions they might have for me about fairy gardens and even questions you might have for specific fairies (which I will pass on to them). I will try and answer your questions in a timely manner and in due time, will make a follow up blog post that will feature some questions and their answers.

In addition, the blog's anniversary is beginning to sneak up on us and I would like a little input from my readers and followers. It has been suggested that I give my readers and followers a 'name.' For example, fans of the band Kiss are called The Kiss Army, Deadheads followed The Grateful Dead and Lady Gaga's adoring fans are Little Monsters. In most instances, the fans themselves name the group as a whole so I would like some input from my readers. 

I have yet to decide, but I believe a prize will be in order for the reader who can come up with a name I like. I should have a prize decided on by the time we post the FAQ answers. Best of luck, and don't forget to post your questions.