Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Fairy Garden Tour: Updates

Last week I introduced two new additions to my Fall Fairy Garden; Woodland Grove and the Council Square. Since then, I have made a few updates and would like to share them with you.

Here we see Woodland Grove. The addition that is most apparent is the moss covering which not only covered a colorless void but also allowed me to utilize the pavers as usable space. The creek is not new but wasn't featured enough in the first introduction. The playground was a bit barren last week, only a playhouse, bench and arbor. As you can see, new additions include a red wagon, a toy box, a buggy, a pink pail, a wading pool with tiny ducklings on their way in and a swing set. It looks like much more fun now!

The following photos are updates to the Council Square, mostly to show my lovely mums which have begun to bloom.

The Fairy Council sit and discuss what a wonderful time they had at the successful Halloween Festival.

The blooming Mums allow the Council to discuss things in private while enjoying the crisp Fall morning air.

Yellow Mums at all stages of bloom.

The Council enjoying their garden.


August 2015 - The Magic Onion Fairy Contest Entry

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Fairy Garden Tour: Woodland Grove

Continuing the Fall Fairy Garden Tour, Woodland Grove is a small collection of homes made from nature; mushrooms, tree bark and a hallowed-out gourd. Bobby and Sue, the mischievous duo, live in this neighborhood.

An overall, arial view of Woodland Grove.

This hut was structured from a hallowed-out gourd and topped with a twig roof.

Here is the playground area for the Fairy children, including a mushroom playhouse and a nice seating area for parents with a watchful eye to relax and chat.

Bobby and Sue have just finished their afternoon tea and continue their day of play outside of their tree stump home.

On second glance, it seems they didn't actually drink their tea - they just poured it all out on the ground! Tsk tsk.


Fall Fairy Garden Tour: Council Dwellings

Hello again, followers. This past month I have introduced you to a few new gardens; the Haunted House and the Halloween Festival, both dedicated to the Fall holiday of Halloween. I picked up my supplies at stores like Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Dollar Tree. I really liked using hay for the scene as it not only represents Fall, but also gave great ground coverage.

Since then, I have made a trip to Home Depot to pick up Fall plants and flowers for new gardens including Viola, Stonecrop (a mix of coneflower, salvia and Catmint), Alyssum, Cyclamen and Mums. I also received a delivery from Breck's, a Netherlands company, that included Fondant Hyacinth, Giant and California Daffodil, a selection of Hyacinths - including Grape, Gipsy Queen and Gipsy Princess - and Apricot-Pink Tulips. You may have noticed that some of these are Spring plants but because my corner of the globe hardly experiences Winter, I can expect them to bloom pre-Spring.

With all that said, I would like to introduce the remainder of my Fall Fairy Garden Tour in the next few blog posts. Firstly; The Council Dwellings.

Pictured here is the Council Square. It includes the Fairy Council dwellings (white and purple building) and council building (purple) where their meetings are held, as well as a lush garden area to enjoy when they are not working.

The pebbled walkway leads to the gazebo in a shady spot that the council members and guests can relax at.

The beautiful view from the gazebo area.

The Council Square is surrounded by foliage and vibrant flowers that fill the air with a lovely fragrance.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Festival Wraps Up

Queen AmberLynn has finally made her appearance. Oh how lovely she is!

The Queen addresses her court. Her daughter, Princess Jezelle, attempts to listen in as Casper, in costume, does his best to get her attention.
These three fairies, dressed as witches, gossip about Casper's attempt to woo the Princess.
It seems that Bitsy is the center of attention on this end of the party as multiple boys in costume try to chat her up. Rose, Tink and Sammy continue to whip up snacks for the guests.
Andy, released from time out, reflects on his actions after the kerfuffle with Shay.
The festivities extend into the evening.
As the sun sets, a bonfire is in the works and I leave the fairies to their celebration.


August 2015 - The Magic Onion Fairy Garden Contest Entry

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halloween Festival

The Fairy Council - Alvina, Radella and Diana (L to R) - gathers to discuss the Halloween Festival which lasts throughout the month of October.

It was decided that Andy would be in charge of the festival decorations. Here he is with his crew, setting up for the festivities.

The first guests have arrived. You may not recognized them in their costumes but they are the inseparable pair of Bobby and Sue!
With all his hard work out of the way, Andy can enjoy the festival. He is introduced to Shay, a new scarecrow in the garden. It looks like they are hitting it off.

A pumpkin tried his luck, asking Samm to dance. It looks like she is having none of it. Poor guy.

Uh-oh! It seems that Andy has been misbehaving and is put in time out, guarded by Tink and Rose. Perhaps things didn't go so well with Shay?

The Queen's pumpkin has arrived! This must mean the Queen will make her entrance soon.


A Spooky Update and Thankful Shout-out

I wanted to share with you an example of how one simple addition can really change a scene, even on little to - in this case - no money. In my previous post I introduced the Haunted House scene with Andy the Scarecrow and a circle of Fairies making candy. I decided there wasn't enough spooky ambiance so I gathered some dry twigs and turned them into dead trees for this scene. I love the dramatic change in spook-factor.

Also, since I have your attention, I wanted to give a very huge thanks to everyone who is following me on Google+; toward the end of September my page reached 10,000 views! I excitedly rushed to tell the fairies and they were also very excited, even though they weren't exactly sure what Google+ or the internet was.