Friday, August 28, 2015

Royal Family Reunion

Bright and early this morning I heard a tapping on my window. I pulled back the shades to see King Cormac Mac Fidaig's rosy, bearded face smiling through the glass. I rushed outside with my camera to capture the reunion of the royal family. In this photo, Queen AmberLynn is captivated by the King's recollection of the months of travel. Doesn't it look like she has missed him?

At the same time, Princess Jezelle pestered her brother for details on his long trip. Prince Finn could not explain things fast enough! Jezelle asked many questions. What a wonderful opportunity her brother has experienced!

Jezelle moves in close to whisper the question that the community will surely be asking; "did you find a wife?" A sly smile crawled across Little Mac's face and he left his sister in suspense.


Friday, August 14, 2015

The Magic Onion Fairy Garden Contest

This will be the second year that I enter The Magic Onion Fairy Garden Contest.

The following blog posts are the gardens I chose to enter in the contest this year. I feel they are the best work I have done in the last year. 

Halloween Festival Wraps Up

I chose the Halloween scene because I am proud of how my very first holiday-themed garden turned out, trying something new with the use of artificial lighting. This scene was also the first time I implemented the use of video paired with spooky music, which I absolutely love.

Fall Fairy Garden Tour: Updates

This picture of Woodland Grove, part of the Fall Fairy blog post, is one of my favorites. This scene had begun small and in preparation for this contest, I wanted to spruce it up and gosh darnit did I do a good job! Just about everything about this scene is an upgrade to how this area started and I'm so proud of how it has turned out. I feel there is little room for improvement but for the most part, this is my pièce de résistance.


Guests Arrive Daily

Guests continue to pour in as the King's arrival nears. Jezelle (right) does her royal duties to show the guest from Germany, Nettie, around the community. Whitey the rat accompanied the two. Even though fairies can fly, sometimes it's nice to just walk or ride, especially to better connect with nature. It looks like these two fairies are getting along well; Jezelle talks about how excited she is for her brother and father's return and Nettie describes her home town and culture. The princess has learned so much about other cultures around the globe thanks to all the new visitors.

While Jezelle was showing Nettie around, another group of guests arrived. Pegasus (left) grooms his son, Pegasus Jr., after the long journey from Greece. Eunice admires the close relationship her husband and son have. The three patiently wait to receive their tour of the community, being greeted by other fairies in the meantime.


Secondhand Find - Picnic Basket

A few weeks ago I came across this small basket that I knew would be a perfect container for a small place that the fairies could hang out in. Pictured above are Loopy, left, and Gwendelyn enjoying a good conversation.

The fairies wasted no time at all in making it a comfortable 'island' to enjoy tea at, bringing in moss and seating. If you hadn't noticed, fairies are big fans of tea.


Friday, August 7, 2015

M&M Nursery

M&M Nursery
380 N Tustin St.
Orange, CA 92867
(714) 538-8042

Store Hours:
Monday through 
Saturday 9 AM - 5:30 PM
Sunday 9 AM - 4:30 PM

This nursery is unlike any other business I have featured on my blog in the last year. You will notice that M&M Nursery is open 7 days a week and is in Orange (which is quite a drive but hasn't hindered my desire to visit multiple times in the last 3 years). What you may not notice is that unlike thrift and consignment shops where I have to keep my eyes peeled for items that might blend nicely into a fairy garden scene, this nursery specializes in fairy gardens. Yes! When I visit M&M Nursery I am bombarded by inspiration and battle the urge to fill my car with every item they sell! If you plan to visit this business I will give you a word of advice: set a budget in your mind BEFORE you walk in their doors (you and your checkbook will thank me later).
Pictured above are some miniature plants including the pomegranate tree (second to the left) that actually has fruit on it, and a creative gazebo (close up pictured below).

They do not discriminate against non-fairy gardeners as there is a section that resembles the familiar nursery, but the majority of this business caters to fairy lovers like myself. Fairies, housing, furniture, yard decor, gravel and even miniature plants (like the miniature pomegranate tree in the photo above); absolutely everything a person needs to begin a miniature fairy garden. When I shop here, I am looking for items that I can't seem to find anywhere else and at the top of that list are the miniature plants. There are over 50 different fairy gardens on display to help inspire anyone interested in the art, from novice to experienced.

About 3 years ago, still new to fairy gardening, I picked up a guide book on the subject which quickly became my favorite; Fairy Gardening – Creating Your Own Magical Miniature Garden. In the reference section was a list of many specialized stores and nurseries, spread throughout the country, and the closest business was M&M Nursery. And that, my Fairy Folks, is how I came to find and fall in love with this place. To my surprise, I learned that the co-author is actually an employee at the nursery! And, as usual, if you ever have a question about fairy gardening or gardening in general, all of the employees are very helpful.

As it is hard to stay away from this lovely business, I will be returning at the end of August to purchase a new addition to my fairy garden. What will it be? Be sure to subscribe to my blog and come back to find out.