Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Winter Festival

Queen AmberLynn and her daughter Jezelle have returned from their tour of other fairy communities. Many fairies have gathered to welcome them home.

The two are quite pleased with the festive decorations adorning the Queen's Throne area.

Happy the Snowman, Geraldine and Gerald (L to R) help to add more presents under the tree.

Fairies have begun to exchange their presents. Samm and Tink are ready to open theirs, Rose is watching the train go round the tree, the younger fairies are playing in the snow and Grace is hiding amongst the ferns, watching everyone enjoying the celebration.

Violet and Roselynn are ready to munch on the Gingerbread house they made, but not before offering some to the rest of the community.


Winter Festival Prep

Before decorating for the Winter Festival the fairies cleaned up the Queen's Courtyard, in anticipation of her return.

The Tree of Wisdom looks at the new park area, full of colorful decorations.

A train set circles around the shiny Christmas tree with presents strewn about.

Two of the Fairy Council members, Diana (on the left) and Alvina, introduce the community to their new winter guests. Geraldine (left) and Happy the Snowman wave to the crowd while Gerald sniffs around, exploring the winter scene.
The winter guests enjoy each others company while the rest of the community continues to make final preparations for the Festival.


Swinging In The New Year

Ever since the fairies showed up in my garden, the lemons on my lemon tree have grown bigger and bigger. They're almost the size of my head! In the background you can see the origins of my fairy garden.

Here is Myleene. She grabbed my attention this morning while I was making my way through the garden and asked me to take a video of her, 'swinging' in the new year. I suppose all the other fairies were still resting from the Winter Festival (photos to be posted soon).


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Teapot Glen

Just in time for Winter, the fairy community pulled together and managed to erect Teapot Glen for the newest arrivals; Grace, Iris, Petunia, Roselynn and Violet. I was able to take a few pictures of them by their respective homes.

There was concern that Petunia might be too young to live alone so Missy the Rabbit is going to be her housemate. This worked out well since they've already become close friends.

The fairy council took notice of Grace's shy demeanor and decided that her house should be placed furthest in Teapot Glen. The community is confident that Grace will socialize more as she becomes more comfortable with her new surroundings.

Iris enjoys the front porch of her new, brick home.

Violet and Roselynn were given the opportunity to live together in this quaint thatch-roof cottage. After touring their home, they decided to relax outside with some pumpkin chai tea, discussing what they've heard about the upcoming plans planned for the Winter Festival.
Here is an overhead shot of the majority of Teapot Glen.


New Arrivals - December

My best friend, June, called me earlier this month with a request.

"I found five little fairies who have no place to call home. Do you think you have room in your Fairy Garden for them? They are so sweet and would be very grateful." I replied "Of course! there is always room in Grandma's Fairy Garden for new faces! I'll tell the other fairies, they will be so happy."

I drove down to Brea to pick up the new arrivals while the garden was abuzz with activity and excitement. There was also a meeting held while I was gone regarding where the new arrivals would stay and it was decided that construction on a new town would begin very soon.

Violet and Roselynn (L to R) - These two fairies were best of friends from the beginning so for them, the move was a bit easier because they have each other.

Grace is a sweet, gentle fairy who is very shy. She is having a difficult time coming out of her shell so she has spent most her time here so far hiding in the fern.

Iris is a sweet little child, outgoing and friendly. With a personality like this, she has had no trouble at all fitting in from the get go.

Petunia is the cutest little thing you have ever seen and the youngest of the new arrivals. She loves playing with all the other fairies and is excited to call this her new home.

Grandma'sEFG YouTube Channel

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Care of Dragons

Brittania sits down with Princess Jezelle to discuss how to care for dragons. It is currently feeding time as you can see by the orange pellets on the ground.

Lucky spends time with his parents before they leave to take the Queen and the Princess on a month-long tour of other fairy communities.

The carriage is ready to leave, the dragons have said their goodbyes to Lucky and are just waiting on the Queen and Princess.

Queen AmberLynn thanks Brittania for passing on some of her knowledge to Princess Jezelle. They all hope the information will come in handy on their month-long trip. The Queen is sure to remind Brittania that they will be back in time for the upcoming holiday celebration.


Fall Garden Update

Here is an update on my most recent Fall garden. I added moss to cover the area, a few plants and Lucky's parents were visiting at the time so I was able to get them in the photo.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Queen's Courtyard

Welcome to the Queen's Courtyard. Here you see Queen AmberLynn overseeing the community meeting which is addressing the ups and downs of the Halloween Festival and discussing plans for the upcoming Holidays.

The Fairy Council shares with the rest of the leaders and community representatives what they felt were the pros and cons of the Halloween Festival.

Rose, Tink and Samm suggest that the next holiday celebration be a little more watered down than the Halloween Festival extravaganza. Perhaps then everything will go smoothly.

Andy the Scarecrow sits next to the young fairies Nicholai, Bitsy and Johnny Jump (L to R) who also have opinions on this matter.

Queen AmberLynn does her best to set a good example for her daughter, Princess Jezelle, hoping she will pay attention to the way a Queen runs community meetings since Jezelle will be expected to at some point in the future.

Jezelle had every intention to listen well, but Mr. Blue the Peacock would much rather play and is becoming a distraction.

Despite her efforts, Jezelle finally gives in and loses concentration on the meeting to play with Mr. Blue.

Brittania, Keeper of the Dragons, listens intently whilst Mr. Smokey snuggles up at her feet. Lucky looks on, a bit jealous of the attention Mr. Smokey is getting, but too stubborn to vie for affection.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Fairy Garden Tour: Updates

Last week I introduced two new additions to my Fall Fairy Garden; Woodland Grove and the Council Square. Since then, I have made a few updates and would like to share them with you.

Here we see Woodland Grove. The addition that is most apparent is the moss covering which not only covered a colorless void but also allowed me to utilize the pavers as usable space. The creek is not new but wasn't featured enough in the first introduction. The playground was a bit barren last week, only a playhouse, bench and arbor. As you can see, new additions include a red wagon, a toy box, a buggy, a pink pail, a wading pool with tiny ducklings on their way in and a swing set. It looks like much more fun now!

The following photos are updates to the Council Square, mostly to show my lovely mums which have begun to bloom.

The Fairy Council sit and discuss what a wonderful time they had at the successful Halloween Festival.

The blooming Mums allow the Council to discuss things in private while enjoying the crisp Fall morning air.

Yellow Mums at all stages of bloom.

The Council enjoying their garden.


August 2015 - The Magic Onion Fairy Contest Entry

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Fairy Garden Tour: Woodland Grove

Continuing the Fall Fairy Garden Tour, Woodland Grove is a small collection of homes made from nature; mushrooms, tree bark and a hallowed-out gourd. Bobby and Sue, the mischievous duo, live in this neighborhood.

An overall, arial view of Woodland Grove.

This hut was structured from a hallowed-out gourd and topped with a twig roof.

Here is the playground area for the Fairy children, including a mushroom playhouse and a nice seating area for parents with a watchful eye to relax and chat.

Bobby and Sue have just finished their afternoon tea and continue their day of play outside of their tree stump home.

On second glance, it seems they didn't actually drink their tea - they just poured it all out on the ground! Tsk tsk.


Fall Fairy Garden Tour: Council Dwellings

Hello again, followers. This past month I have introduced you to a few new gardens; the Haunted House and the Halloween Festival, both dedicated to the Fall holiday of Halloween. I picked up my supplies at stores like Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Dollar Tree. I really liked using hay for the scene as it not only represents Fall, but also gave great ground coverage.

Since then, I have made a trip to Home Depot to pick up Fall plants and flowers for new gardens including Viola, Stonecrop (a mix of coneflower, salvia and Catmint), Alyssum, Cyclamen and Mums. I also received a delivery from Breck's, a Netherlands company, that included Fondant Hyacinth, Giant and California Daffodil, a selection of Hyacinths - including Grape, Gipsy Queen and Gipsy Princess - and Apricot-Pink Tulips. You may have noticed that some of these are Spring plants but because my corner of the globe hardly experiences Winter, I can expect them to bloom pre-Spring.

With all that said, I would like to introduce the remainder of my Fall Fairy Garden Tour in the next few blog posts. Firstly; The Council Dwellings.

Pictured here is the Council Square. It includes the Fairy Council dwellings (white and purple building) and council building (purple) where their meetings are held, as well as a lush garden area to enjoy when they are not working.

The pebbled walkway leads to the gazebo in a shady spot that the council members and guests can relax at.

The beautiful view from the gazebo area.

The Council Square is surrounded by foliage and vibrant flowers that fill the air with a lovely fragrance.