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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Spring Is In The Air

My newest fairy, gifted to me by my husband, arrives just in time for Spring.

I would like to introduce My Fairy Folks to a recent visitor of my garden. This is Colette, a princess from France. Here she's seen admiring the colorful new blooms; yellow daffodil, white and purple alyssum, pink daisies and even some snapdragons in the background. I'm not sure how long she'll stay but she seems to have made a new friend in Princess Jezelle.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Fairy Garden Class - Budget Friendly Inspiration

I've said it before and I'll say it again - succulents are an amazing plant. They thrive where other plants cannot, they require little attention, the variety of color, shape and size is amazing and if you need to fill out a new container garden when you're inspired by one item, it's very easy to take clippings from multiple succulents.

This delicate looking fairy was gifted to me by one of My Fairy Folks. During a trip to Home Depot I noticed this flowering succulent that reminded me of her pink and white dress. I purchased it for $2.49 and came home to get started on my newest container garden.

I always have containers, small rocks and potting mix at my house which means I didn't have to buy these supplies. I decided which succulents from my yard I wanted to use for the scene and clipped what I would use, allowing a few days for their clip site to scab over before planting. 

The bold green succulent makes Zinnia stand out while the pink-tipped succulents allow her to still blend in.

I really love that this fairy can be removed from her flower seat and be repositioned elsewhere.


Welcome to Flintshire

This area of my yard is where I began my venture into Fairy Gardening six years ago (view my humble beginning). Surprisingly, it has never been named in the way many sections of my yard have. I began giving areas of my yard names after my focus had moved from this initial corner. Fairies have basically taken over most of my yard so now I return to this initial area and have decided to spruce it up and name it. True to it's origin, the two pieces of the bright red BBQ that started it all is still a prominent piece in this area which has been named Flintshire.

Flintshire, like most of my garden, is quickly occupied by fairies ready to settle in and play. This is contained in one portion of the BBQ.

You'll notice the snow and holiday decor around this home. These items were gifted to me by my son for Christmas so I put them in the garden January. The fairies were not upset to celebrate the holidays a little longer.

This cozy home is also a gift from my son and is located in the other half of the BBQ. 

A few accent pieces here - the bridge, bonfire and two chairs - were also part of the gift set.

California is notorious for it's warm weather but there are times (especially this time of year) when gathering around a bonfire is especially cozy.


Saturday, January 28, 2017

Christmas in Gnomingham

Here in the newly relocated and revamped "Gnome Village", Gnomingham, Gnomes are enjoying the crisp air.

 These gnomes are impatiently waiting for the snowfall, excited to participate in Winter sport.

These happy Gnomes wave to the camera.

Here is a cozy mushroom house and a matching playhouse for a happy family.

These fairies are seated on the porch chatting about the addition of Gnomingham to their community.

Another mushroom home shows evidence of snowfall and a quaint seating area is empty, for now.


Celebrating the Holidays

This season, Grandma suggested that the Fall and winter holidays be stretched longer and share decorations, so here is a fairy garden container that is decorated to represent Halloween and Christmas.

Snowmen only visit during the winter. This one is dressed in a hat and scarf.

At the first sight of snow, Jezelle pushed some snow together, grabbed a sled and tried her best.

This snowman prides himself on his fashion sense.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Reason For The Season

Even though this is not a fairy garden, let's not lose sight that Jesus is the reason that we celebrate the holiday. I hope you all had a lovely December. Now that I'm back in the swing of things here at the blog, I will be posting our holiday Fairy Garden pictures through the month of January to extend the holiday cheer.


Fairy Garden Class - Herbs Anytime of Year

In the Fall, I noticed a new fragrance in the air of my Fairy Garden. I followed the scent which led to a small container full of herbs which are great year round for cooking. After a little snooping, I discovered it was the work of Brianna who arrived short of two years ago. I sat down to talk with her and found out that she has been working with the children to learn about herbs and grow them. "That's right," I said "I remember when you were offered the job, you were so excited to teach!" We planned to meet again soon so I could take pictures of her work and possibly sit in on a class.

Start with a container.
I used a typical terra cotta pot.
Find some herbs you are likely to use in your
cooking. I found this at a local Stater Bros.
Market which includes Rosemary, Thyme
and Sage.
This German Thyme was found at Home Depot.

This Lemon Thyme is also from Home Depot.

By placing your herbs around the edges and rear of the pot, you allow yourself room to place decor of your choice to make this a decorative yet functional container garden!

If you have any questions about herbs, container gardens, or anything else we share here on the blog (including questions about a fairy in particular), please feel free to contact Grandma Sandy in the comment or via email.


Monday, January 2, 2017

Mystery Plant: Solved!

The mystery has been solved thanks to Garden Answers on Facebook! Back in November I asked for help from My Fairy Folks to identify a Mystery Plant that suddenly sprouted in my yard around July. I was surprised at how large it had grown and that it was still going strong through December. 

The following definition is provided by Wikipedia.

Still full and happy, this plant has been identified as an amaranth and, according to Wikipedia is actually considered a weed! Well, it's the prettiest dang weed I've ever seen and despite the mean label it gets, I will treat it like the lovely plant I've come to know it as.


2017 - A Glorious New Year

I hope all my lovely Fairy Folks had a lovely holiday season, spent with friends and family. I took this photo in the cold early hours of the new year, contemplating all the things I accomplished in the last year and the exciting possibilities in the future. I hope you hadn't given up on me. As is for most people, the holiday season is a very busy time of year and most of my grandchildren work retail (which, as I'm sure you know is a very demanding schedule), so we here at Grandma's Enchanted Fairy Garden would like to apologize for our absence.

During that time, and after three years of having a tablet, Grandma has finally received the message "insufficient storage space." I thought I was doing such a good job finally taking my granddaughter's advice and condensing my photo sets from 15-20 down to my favorite 6. Apparently it was too little, too late, so I now need to work on deleting and moving current pictures to make room for the new year.

Happy new year!