Saturday, July 19, 2014

How I Started My Fairy Garden; Repurposing

This is the top half of an old B.B.Q.
A simple glance at what you are already surrounded by can prove to be all that is needed to start your Fairy Garden. It is interesting to look at a thing with a particular purpose and imagine other possibilities for it. That is how my garden got started. Some of the things I already had in my yard and repurposed were an old B.B.Q. (as mentioned in my previous blog post), old flower pots, saucers, pavers, rocks and some solar lights. 
Why stop there? I decided to search in the house and found four porcelain houses for the fairies to live in, four porcelain eggs for the fairies to sleep in and three fairies all ready to move in! There were also two bird cages (because we all know that fairies love their birds); not to keep birds locked in them, of course not, but to keep them safe from predators.

These items, found in my house, are perfect for a fairy garden.
I wasn't done yet. I also gathered two tea pots and one tea set (because I know  that fairies love their tea), a candle holder to shed some light on the fairy garden, two dragon flies to help keep them safe. I also know that fairies love shiny things, so I found some shiny crystals and mirrors to hang on the trees.

These shiny crystals and mirrors will surely attract more fairies.



  1. This looks like a great start for a fairy garden. I love the little gazebo.

    1. You may not believe it, but that gazebo came from inside my house; I used to have a garden theme throughout my home. I don't think it's a surprise that fairy gardens is the hobby I picked up.

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