Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Summer Hatchlings

Back in March I discovered some eggs in my garden. I would eye them daily when I was in the garden but once Summer came, I began to forget they were there, but the fairies didn't. The fairy community had come together to keep a watch on them because they knew that these were special eggs. Early on, Brittania (Keeper of the Dragons) took a keen interest in these eggs unbeknownst to me. I did feel like the fairies were acting a little secretive, giggling when I would check on the eggs or ask about their progress. I don't know much about hatching eggs so I assumed they maybe were just entertained by my lack of knowledge. But last month, July 11 to be exact, I discovered that the fairies had been keeping a secret from me. I would like to share this exciting video with you.

Here are the newborns! The fairies had all gathered round and were very quiet, at the request of Brittania, as these precious babies took their first breath and blinked their eyes in the morning sun. A little later I was able to take individual pictures. I was surprised at how docile they were. I'm so excited for the future of these scaled babies!

This "Black Beauty" is a sweet boy with puppy dog eyes.
This red dragon is the only female of the bunch and is already so photogenic, I can imagine great photo opportunities in the future.
This little guy is noticeably irritated with the amount of pictures I've taken and at the suggestion of Brittania, this was the end of my photo shoot.

As mentioned in the video, these magical beasts haven't been named yet. The fairies will be having a vote on names soon and I suggested we allow My Fairy Folks to put a few names in the hat. So, please leave your name suggestions for the dragons in the comments below.


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