Saturday, August 30, 2014

Humble, Small Beginnings

The following pictures come from my fairy garden. They are small groupings of whimsy that I have put together this year and plan to expand on into the new year. My goal is to introduce you to them now and, upon completion next year, show you before-and-after comparisons of the evolution of these groupings. Enjoy.

These fairies are hard at work, making this potted soil their home, equipped with gardening tools and a wheel barrel and watering can in the background.

Here is an outdoor patio where my fairies like to rest after a hard days work.

These fairies sit together, shooting the breeze, while the other
fairies are down below, working hard.

Here is the Queen Fairy. She oversees life and growth in the fairy garden.

A Wee Baby Mushroom Fairy sleeps amongst the flowers, after a long
day of play. She is almost camouflaged.

Another Wee Baby Mushroom Fairy wonders what game should he play next?

I found this lone mushroom growing amongst the flowers in my Fairy Garden.

This is the Tree of Wisdom. Fairies and other animals - pictured here
are a porcupine, dragon and birds - like to gather around and listen
to the tales he tells.

The start of my English Cottage Gardens.

Aurora is enjoying a beautiful morning outside her mushroom cottage.

A Fairy Staycation is much more enjoyable when you
have your very own beach!

Yet another cottage in the neighborhood. Gnomes and Fairies are known
to live together, each pulling their own weight, of course.

This cottage is move-in ready! Perfect for a single tenant or small family. Contact your Fairy realtor today.

This Fairy dwelling surely has younglings. As you can see,
there is a fairy play house out front for them.

Bitsy sits under an arbor, enjoying the company of a butterfly
and the lovely afternoon.


  1. I love the tree of wisdom, very cute. You have created a nice group of lovely little fairy gardens.

    1. It took me five months to find that Tree of Wisdom. I knew it existed and knew I had to have it. It is one of my favorite pieces.