Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Shiny, New Council Square

The video above shows some fairy houses I purchased last year that I was very happy to find. In my experience with fairy gardening, I've come to discover that while wooden houses and decor for the garden may look lovely, they do not hold up to Mother Nature very well. These houses are hand-painted ceramic which are then "baked" to lock the color in. The glossy finish is also water resistant which makes cleaning them even easier.

I bought these pieces all those months ago knowing they would be perfect for a Council Square upgrade, and here we are. Here's a look at the Council Square before the update.

Council Square, October 2014

I decided this area would benefit from wood chips. California has been under drought warnings for a few years now and wood chips help lock in moisture (much like moss which I use in smaller fairy gardens) which allows me to water my yard less without starving my plants. 

I placed a fresh layer of potting mix before planting new additions to this area, then covering with wood chips.

After the flowers have filled out the space a bit more, I now have a better idea of where I should place the council buildings.

Yellow Iris

White Daffodil

Yellow Daffodil

Radella can be spotted just outside one of the new buildings which is accented by Amaryllis and Tulips.


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