Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Celebrating California Poppies

This morning I caught Grace chatting with Queen AmberLynn. The topic was the poppies that have sprouted in my garden. I sat down to join the conversation. "Did you know that today is the official day to celebrate the California Poppy? It's California Poppy Day!" Grace was excited to learn more, the information sponge that she is, so I went inside to grab a newspaper article that I had just read that morning and spouted off some facts.

"The plant's full name is Eschscholzia californica. In 1903, this poppy was given the honor of being the state flower which was found to be particularly fitting for the Golden State (California's nickname) based on the vibrant gold color of the poppy. We've been celebrating the flower on April 6 since 1973."

We admired my fields of gold, both Grace and AmberLynn commenting on how happy they were with my choice to plant so many poppies and I let them know that all the poppies I have in my garden surprisingly came from merely one packet of seeds that cost me less than $3. They were especially excited to learn that I have plans to put in even more poppies within the next few months.

Do you have any California poppies in your garden? How about any other species of poppy? Feel free to send me an email with a picture and some information about the poppies and you and we will post them on the blog later this month.


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