Thursday, May 26, 2016

Fairy Garden Festival - Redlands, 2016

On May 14, 2016, I attended a Fairy Garden Festival in Redlands. This was the second annual show which cut me to the bone; how did I not know about it the first year!? There were so many vendors with such beautiful and creative things; there was a raffle, there was a fairy garden contest and even a class where participants were taken step by step through creating their own fairy garden. I took so many pictures and put together a slideshow of them, but I'd like to feature a few below.
Grace Bagwell, Potter from Diamond Bar, displays her ceramic creations.

Grace, creator of A Glazin' Grace, had a slew of adorable, hand-crafted ceramic fairy houses and I was able to get my hands on a one-of-a-kind piece, seen here on the left. If you'd like to contact Grace,  her email is and her phone number is 909-576-3894.

This artist offered some woodwork houses, some metal work accessories and some even more impressive metal artwork which I failed to photograph (you can't blame Grandma for being focused on fairy-sized things). Unfortunately I forgot to grab a business card from this vendor, but you can see them on display here. I purchased these two metal decorations that are currently in my garden.

Willy Wimbles is a business venture headed by local artist Denise Brown. Their booth had so many fairy items for sale, including houses, furniture, fairies and even jewelry that features fairies. One thing that made this vendor stand out was a sign that informed customers that every purchase made would add a donation to a charity. Her etsy store boasts a few different charities they donate to, including "New Day Foster Homes, and Love Without Boundaries, both of which are geared specifically toward Special Needs kids in China. We also donate to The Drop Box in Seoul, South Korea and Half The Sky in China." I purchased a bed to use in my future gardens at home and noticed a few of her items being used during the fairy garden class that day.

Lois Jones had a booth with an assortment of small ceramic containers. On the very far right you can see a sea foam green cone-shaped ceramic container which was used by a participant in the fairy garden class (and which I don't think I was able to capture a picture of and am very upset about it but felt it needed to be mentioned). If you'd like to contact Lois her contact numbers are 714-534-5681 and 949-463-3013.

This booth was hidden at the end of a row of vendors but I'm glad I made sure to check it out. Not only are these hand-made houses tiny and adorable, they were extremely affordable! I purchased two of the smaller ones to use during the fairy garden class for my granddaughter and I and only spent $5. There were larger houses and some with decorative silverware wind chimes but all were well priced. Unfortunately, I was unable to get contact information from this artist.

Miss Dorothy's Glass Garden Art was another local artist with a wonderfully unique craft on display. In this particular piece she used a porcelain fairy garden decoration as the focus and if I had seen it just a little sooner, my husband would have been upset with the money I spent. Unfortunately, someone else bought it before me and my husband remains the normal amount of grumpy. If you'd like to contact Dorothy Lewis, her phone number is 909-793-2725 and email is

Pixie Village Cottages by Dennis Patterson

I was absolutely smitten with the large display of hand-crafted fairy houses created by Dennis Patterson from Hemet. They are advertised as Pixie Village Cottages and for the artwork they sell, the value is astonishing. I've seen similar pieces online for twice the price so I'm happy to know that Mr. Patterson is local (because I can't imagine what shipping would cost on something like this). I know what my next large purchase for my garden will be but it's quite some time away. If you'd like to view the cottages they offer, visit their website at, or contact them via email at or by phone at 951-440-2731. I could have taken a million pictures of this booth alone, but the handful I did take are in the slideshow below.

Finally, after exploring all the booths outside, I discovered some wonderful pieces inside the lovely building, including this First Place fairy garden display. I really like this piece, especially because it shows that you can repurpose a broken pot (which I've seen quite a bit of online and intend to try myself at some point) and has a nice array of colors.

I took many pictures, of course, so here are the rest, presented to you as a slideshow.



  1. I adore fairy gardens and miniature houses and all sorts of littles. This festival must surely have been such fun for you. I have a gnome fairy garden over a month ago and have yet to set it up. I need to get busy on that, for sure!

    1. It was a lot of fun, my granddaughter and I had a blast. When you get done with your gnome garden, feel free to send me some photos so I can share it with the other Fairy Folks.