Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fairy Garden Class - Garden Under $10, Part 3

Continuing with our Garden Under $10 series, Week 3 begins as many spruce-up projects do. This container was a themed-garden I did back in February that lost it's flair. I removed all the decorations and pulled the scruffy-looking annual plants up front and kept the two perennials in the back. Annual flowers are very good at adding a pop of color to your garden but only last for a few months.

My shopping list for this garden was:

3 small annual flowers $1.25
1 English Moss $4.95
1 small Fern $2.95
TOTAL: $9.15

After all the dead and discolored plants were cleaned out, I put a fresh layer of soil and arranged my new plants around the existing perennials (the pink flowers and the large green leaf). I finished it off with the saucer base, fairy house, a white picket fence and pebble coverage. This Spring garden turned out so cute, I think I'll keep it this way for a while, and because there is no holiday theme attached to it, as long as these plants are alive, it can remain in my yard.

You may also notice a black tubular item between the fairy house and fern. I recently had sprinklers installed in my yard and decided to also create a drip system for all my fairy gardens. Sprinklers keep my yard green but may not be able to reach all of the containers I have. A drip system is a reliable way to keep your containers watered but initially they need to be monitored to make sure your garden isn't getting too much water. It's been about a month and I love them. My gardens are noticeably more vibrant already.


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