Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fairy Garden Class - DIY Miniature Chair

I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend. My weekend was spent with my youngest granddaughter creating inexpensive decor for my fairy garden which I thought would make a great class for this month. Here is a tutorial on how to create some DIY chairs and tents.

Supplies were mostly things already in my yard or leftover from other projects.


Hot glue gun
fake moss
fake flowers (optional)

In the picture to the right, you'll also see a white miniature chair. The purpose of this chair was to have a size guide. If you don't have something like this, I would suggest you bring out a fairy to make sure you are making a chair that can fit the leg length and body width.

Time to forage! Look around your yard for some small, straight twigs (hopefully you can find a few fresh ones so they are not brittle). Feel free to also collect some pieces that branch off (like a Y shape) to add some character and dimension.

The hot glue gun will take a few minutes to warm up, so feel free to plug it in at this point, making sure to lay down a paper plate or something protective for it to rest on. Next, take your clippers and cut pieces:

1. The area of your fairies butt and two support pieces to go the width of these pieces.

2. The length of the fairies legs. You'll need 4 for the chair legs (making sure the cuts are straight)
3. The height of the chair back, including Y-shaped twigs. The height is up to you but I suggest using thinner twigs so the chair won't tip over, but also tall enough so the fairy won't fall backward. I did not make arms for my chair because, in my experience, fairy wings do not allow a fairy to be sat in a chair with arms.

Please be sure not to mix up what pieces are for what part of the chair, especially the legs, unless you're looking forward to a wobbly chair!

Line up the pieces for your seat and glue two support pieces across. If you have a young child involved in this process, please remind them that the tip of the glue gun and the glue itself is hot. I'm not sure if it's possible to do a hot glue gun project without burning a digit. While this is drying, start putting the back of the chair together. I suggest gluing the Y-shaped pieces at the bend instead of at the base - I attempted to glue at the base and it didn't want to stay put. You can also add some fake flowers, moss, leaves or anything else decorative.

Bring out the leg pieces and glue them one at a time to the seat (the side with the support pieces), holding them in place a few minutes until dry. Once all the pieces are dry, glue the two together to form the chair, and once that is dry, you can glue moss to the seat. Ta-dah, you're done!


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