Monday, September 26, 2016

Ensenada - Memories of My Youth

(L to R) Ivy, Julip, Simone and Bridget enjoy the beachside campfire of this Ensenada-inspired container garden.

Ensenada is a popular tourist destination, often via cruise line, but this inspired scene for me represents my time in this city with my family in my early 20s. My father was a dirt bike enthusiast and would haul his family and his bike down to Ensenada to race. He would rent two trailers for the week and we'd settle in on top of a cliff near the beach, he and my mother in one trailer which allowed my sister and I to share the second. We would walk down the cliff to get to the beach and practically had the place to ourselves, listening to the waves crashing. I remember strolling through town checking out the little shops, enjoying the authentic food (which my sister refused to eat - my father would joke that it made our trips less expensive) for a lovely family vacation.

I eventually settled down and got married, starting a family of my own, all while my father continued to race well into his 60s. Unfortunately, after a broken arm during a race, his health declined and within a month took his last breath. It's good to know that he was able to do what he loved for so long.

If you have memories of Ensenada, feel free to share them in the comments below.


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