Friday, September 12, 2014

Lumi Cake Supply

Lumi Cake Supply
221 S. Riverside Ave.
Rialto, CA 92376
(across from Dairy Queen)
Patty: (909) 255-5295
Gloria: (626) 391-8939

Store Hours:
Tuesday through Friday 9 AM - 7 PM
Saturday 9 AM - 4 PM

Ariel looks right at home next to the 'seaweed.'
You might be wondering why on earth Grandma Sandy, who runs a blog on the topic of fairy gardens, would feature a cake supply store. I understand your concerns and no, I'm not going senile. In previous posts I have spoken on the subject of repurposing and will continue to do so in the future - the items I found in this store are a perfect example. Let me pose a question; how many times have you purchased a decorated cake or cake toppers to decorate your own cake for an event in the past few years? Do you recall what you did with the decorations? Did you perhaps throw them away? I would like to offer an alternative option; add them to your fairy garden! A pirate-themed cake can gain your garden a few palm trees, treasure chests and seashells. A princess-themed cake could earn your fairies a cozy dress-up nook with tiny brushes and high heels. Being a cake supply store, they also have chocolate molds, multiple sized pans, cookie cutters, fondant, cake fillings, mini tart and cheesecake molds and a ton more with weekly specials that change often. They also offer classes for those looking to expand their knowledge and experience with cake decorating.
Ariel and Flounder ride a wave; an unexpected
addition to this beach scene.


There are many small decor items, in multiple themes, that can be repurposed for a fairy garden.
These three fairies, all cake toppers, have a new home in my garden.

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