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Friday, September 5, 2014

September Picture Day In My Garden

Of all the fairies, Jezelle was the most excited to hear that it was picture day and was first in line!

I can never get a picture of Zoe-Zoe awake. Other fairies say it's because she is up all night.
I wonder how many other fairies in my garden are nocturnal?

Meet Sue and Bobby (L to R). They are the best of friends and never leave each other's side.

I took this photo of June while she was busy picking fresh mushrooms for lunch.
By the look of her face, it looks like she's already eaten a few.

April's favorite thing to do is pick flowers.
I've promised her I plant more flowers in my garden within the next few months.

Jeremy, left, and sister Prudence pose for their picture, both with a different approach;
can you tell which sibling is the shy one?

Either Loopy was in a rush to put on her makeup for photo day or she ate a bad mushroom. That's our Loopy!



  1. found you ...lovely blog will be visiting more..i found you thrue other bloggers...happy weekend!

    1. Thank you very much for the compliment. There will be more picture days to come.