Friday, February 20, 2015

FAQ: Fairies Answer Questions - Answers

Last month I introduced a new segment to my blog, opening up the floor to my readers by asking them to send in their questions about my fairy garden. I received one question as a reply to that post but will also be addressing a few other questions pulled from other posts as well as my google+ page.

We will begin with a question from Nichole O. who wrote: 
"I read about the Queen and the Princess and have even read mention of a neighboring communities King and Queen but I wonder; where is the King of your fairy garden?"

That is a very good question! Some may have wondered the same thing but just didn't ask, so I'm glad it was brought up. My fairy garden does have a King and, no, I have not posted about him yet but will take the time now to explain. Queen AmberLynn is married to King Cormac Mac Fidaig who prefers to go by the title King Mac. He is alive and well but has been away from the community and its subjects for over a year, dedicated to visiting the many fairy communities around the world. As you can imagine, a trip like that would take quite a while and the Queen is expecting his return in six months (which is why she is so set on the new upgrades to the community being finished before then). 

The King did not take this trek alone, and just like with the local fairy community tour that the Queen recently returned from with Princess Jezelle, he had ulterior motives. This royal family is a family of four and the last to be introduced; Prince Finn Mac Fidaig who is known by all as "Little Mac." Community tours are essential to the upbringing of a good royal as they offer a peek into how other communities are run and organized, and the family hopes that this tour will inspire Little Mac to be a great leader. The Queen is anxious to hear from her son about his trip, hoping that he has met a princess or two that has caught his eye.

Unfortunately I do not have a photo of either the King or Prince, but when they return I will be sure to do so, after I tell them all about my blog and the people on the internet who are interested in them!

Back in December, a Google+ follower by the name of Herbert S. made an concerning observation; a lack of male fairies in my garden. 
"Seems that you would need a few males to keep the fairy population going." 

I would like to put everyone's mind at ease. It is true that in my blog and photos, not many males have been captured but I assure you that there are plenty in the community. Most male fairies have been hard at work on construction and I tend to stay away so as not to disturb or distract them. I know how important it is for the renovations to be completed before the King and Prince return and because of certain impromptu projects (ex: five new arrivals in December), I know that they are hard at work to meet that deadline.

Finally, a follower on Google+, Fensterfarm Greenhouse, asked if I had a YouTube channel. In fact, I do. I am slowly reaching out to new avenues on the internet and YouTube is one of my newest - the account is only three months old and there are only a handful of videos uploaded, but just as my blog slowly went from a crawl to a waddle, so too will my YouTube Channel (with the help of my grandchildren, of course). The link to my YouTube Channel as well as my Fairy Garden FaceBook page are always on the bottom of most of my blog posts. Be sure to check it out!

Thank you to those who submitted questions and for those of you who still have questions to ask, be sure to keep an eye out for the next FAQ! (Here's a hint: it will be next week)


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