Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day

I asked Queen AmberLynn if I could decorate her throne area and take some photos today for the upcoming holiday, Valentine's Day. She laughed and laughed and when she finally caught her breath, said "you know that fairies do not celebrate that holiday, right?" I replied that, yes, I did know that but I wanted to make a festive post for my blog and keep up with the holiday themes.
She nodded her head, smiled her sweet smile and said "that would be alright with me but quickly because today I am helping with the construction of my new housing."

The Queen sits in the middle of Valentine's decorations, finding it hard to keep her wings from fluttering with excitement thinking about her new housing.

Not only have the flowers surrounding the Queen's throne bloomed nicely,
but the courtyard flower are also coming in and should be in full bloom shortly.

On my way back inside, I saw a family of mice. They introduced themselves to me before I asked to take a photo. Thomas and Rosie (L to R) were new in the community and brought their son, Tommy. I was able to capture their Valentine gift giving (because mice DO celebrate Valentine's Day). I found out that the family is currently staying with a fairy family who has taken them in until the rest of the new homes are built. They hope to move into a home that is red and white because those are Rosie's favorite colors.

Thomas has given his wife, Rosie, a bouquet of her favorite roses and a red heart-shaped box full of cheeseballs while her son, Tommy, has found one large rose to gift as well.


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