Tuesday, July 21, 2015

An Enchanted Anniversary

I began this blog in July 2014. I had begun my journey with fairy gardens three years before that. In this fourth year of gardening, my blog has encouraged me to continue to expand and create in ways I wouldn't have been able to do on my own. Pinterest, YouTube and Google+ have been wonderful inspirations and this blog, along with its followers, have been a motivating force. 

Conversing with other bloggers and readers has been a real joy. I love to read comments from my readers and take pleasure in seeing their own creations and blogs. I consider myself to have gained friends via this blog adventure.

My fairy garden has also helped me connect and spend time with my family - be it physical labor, like updating my home and garden, or creative and technical labor, like updating the blog and Facebook, editing photos and putting together magical videos on YouTube.

As of today I have 316 followers and 136,380 views on Google +. I have 11 videos on YouTube, something I only started at the end of last year, and an undocumented number of additional fairies.

The plans for the future are vast and many. I plan to bring more of my personal journey into my fairy garden by adding scenes from places I have had the pleasure of traveling to in the past few years; Yosemite Park, Hawaii, Alaska and more. On top of that large expansion, I plan to take up painting in hopes to restore some of the garden pieces that have been stripped by the sun - saving existing characters and not having to spend money buying new things. Finally, dependent on the severity of drought in California, I hope to be able to add a water feature to my gardens.

Feel free to comment below with what you feel has been your favorite part of my fairy garden so far. Do you have any suggestions for future plans? Leave those below as well.

Finally, yet another large thank you to all of my readers, followers and commenters; without you, this blog would be sad and lonely.


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