Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Visitors in Weewillow Brook

With the arrival of the king rapidly approaching, more guests are starting to show up. The scheduled guests for this morning have Baby Groot especially excited. He frolicked through the community, singing and swaying, stopping at the rainbow transport destination - Weewillow Brook. He greeted Gwendelyn with a song. She was busy trying to wake up Zoe-Zoe because the visitors would arrive any second and how rude would it be to greet them with sleepy eyes!

Baby Groot sings a tune as Gwendelyn attempts to wake Zoe-Zoe. 

Thankfully the upbeat melody of Baby Groot and stern shoulder-shaking from Gwendelyn woke Zoe-Zoe in time. The sky released a rainbow arch that settled down in Weewillow Brook. All grew quiet, or rather all sound was drowned out by the wirring of the transport system but it was soon over. All that remained were three fairies, each holding a musical instrument, and nothing more.

The visitors from Italy, left to right; Eloisa plays a pan flute, Gina plucks the mandolin and Marta prepares her flute.

Baby Groot greeted the musical guests and learned that they had come from Italy. It wasn't long before they all began to make music together. Oh what a wonderful day!

The trio makes music accompanied by Baby Groot's singing and dancing.


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