Thursday, October 8, 2015

Final Guests Arrive; Better Late Than Never

One of the last groups to arrive for the King's Returning Ceremony is this bunch. You may recognize King Edward and Queen Marlissa from Mountain Lakes, along with their blue feathered friend, Pico. They were escorted by Pierre, a curious fellow from Canada, and his flock of geese who are fitted with flowered hats gifted to them by the Queen.
King Edward arrives via Goose.
Pierre is happy to arrive and meet the community members for the first time.

Queen Marlissa greets King Mac with compliments and well wishes. Czz waits patiently to introduce himself and the more Marlissa swoons over the King, the harder it is for him to hold back laughter.

Grace shows up with her notebook to interview King Edward. Pierre does his best to butt in on the conversation, hoping he will also be mentioned in the interview. Pico can be seen in the background curiously exploring the large goose.

Czz, Queen Marlissa and King Mac keep their distance from the interview at hand; the King out of respect, the Queen in an attempt to flirt with the King, and Czz due to the better entertainment value this display has.

The geese pick a quiet spot to rest in. They plan to give out rides later on in the day, but for now, they're quite tired.


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