Thursday, October 8, 2015

Garden Revamp - Front Window, September 2015

Front Window, January 2015,
the "bare bones"
Cinder blocks are added as a border

September 2015
I begin my front window revamp
with the help of Mr. Peanut
Planned placement

In the back row are three purple Salvia plants (which hold up beautifully in the heat and drought of Southern California) and two Dwarf Fountain Grass 'Red Bunny Tails', both available at Home Depot.

The addition of bark will keep the soil moist. The colorful array of flowers in the cinderblocks were actually purchased at my local .99 store. Colorful flora doesn't have to break the bank folks.

This centerpiece ties the flowerbed together, all three colors of the flowerbed are represented in this potted plant, also found at Home Depot. It's still in the pot because this is not it's permanent home.


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