Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The King's Return - The Entertainment

Young-Soon and Jin (L to R), pictured above, began the lineup of talented entertainment performing four songs from their homeland, Korea. The traditional-styled vocals by Young-Soon backed by Jin's flute were mesmerizing and everyone agreed it was beautiful.

Baby Groot dances on the stage to his favorite song until his limbs cannot take anymore!

Eloisa, Gina and Marte (L to R) play their old world instruments in a style that represents their homeland of Italy. History danced throughout every musical note.

This lively band hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. They played long and loud; Johnny Cricket can play that violin faster than anyone around, Tommy Boy can make your heart beat follow his drum pace, Fred's fingers prance atop his clarinet, swiftly jumping the notes from low to high. At the front of this ensemble is Louey; his voice harnesses inspiration from jazz, country and pop.

The boys played and played, well past the stage time of the other performers, but so is the nature of Jazz. The audience could not be contained to their seats and danced and danced, exhausting themselves with movement and laughter. The final song seemed to linger on as the crowd's energy dwindled, and as it ended, was greeted with applause and a tinge of sorrow that the entertainment was through.

Czz took to the stage and demanded all frowns be turned upside down to listen to his performance. The crowd returned to their seats, previously out of energy but now renewed, and within a few moments were out of their seats again, this time rolling on the ground with laughter from Czz's jokes. When his performance was over, the audience was completely drained and dragged their exhausted bodies and full souls back to their homes for some much needed rest.


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