Thursday, January 14, 2016

Rosemary Park - Uncharted Territory

March, 2014

January, 2016

What a difference two years makes. In the first photo, before this location was ever named, this area was the frontier for expansion from the backyard (which is when my husband started to worry this was more than a phase). Now, here we are at the beginning of 2016 where it is taking on a new look full of Rosemary and soon-to-bloom Sweet Peas.

In April, 2014, there were no Rosemary or Sweet Pea in bloom, but they were peeking above the soil.

This photo is also from April 2014 and shows how beautiful this area was (and how vibrant my lawn used to be). Most of this area has been or will be renovated. The planter on the left is the area we are focusing on and which I have finally dubbed Rosemary Park.

Sweet Pea and Rosemary. February, 2015

 Sweet Pea babies. January, 2016



  1. Rosemary Park is lovely. I am a lover of herbs, both growing them and using them for seasoning my cooking. I would be hard pressed to say which herbs are my favorites but Rosemary is high on the list. It weathers the winters very well here in South Carolina and I have found it easy to grow and a sprig placed in a flower pot of potting soil will generally take root. Your little fairy gardens are wonderful. I did a post a couple of years ago about the fairy gardens at Walt Disney World's Spring Festival and they had some wonderful examples there made from things like tea kettles and the like. Magical!

    1. Thank you very much, I love herbs as well and am planning on planting a variety more in the Spring.

  2. I wanna have something like this when we move to our little farm! Your Rosemary Park is lovely!

    1. If you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to my blog so you can see the updates that will be coming in Spring. The theme is something I haven't done before and isn't done often so, stayed tuned. And if you already are subscribed, thank you so much!