Thursday, March 10, 2016

No Sunflowers in Sweden

This morning I was out in my garden creating a new centerpiece and taking pictures of my sunflowers when I noticed a fairy sitting all by herself amongst them. I had seen her around in the past few months as she had arrived from Sweden for the King's Return Festival but had never had time to sit and talk with her. Now, going back through my photos, I realize I've never posted one of her here.

These sunflowers grow on a stalk,
multiple blooms at a time, which makes
it my favorite Sunflower plant.
Ingrid is her name and she looked a little sad so I sat with her and found out that this was her last week under the California sunshine as she was preparing to return to Sweden. She had been invited by the King to stay for the winter - she was mesmerized by his tales of our warm weather since Winter in Sweden is very cold and very dark. She admit that, although she was sad to be leaving such a beautiful place, her heart was in Sweden and she was happy to be going back home but sad she couldn't take some of the color and warmth back with her.

Ingrid asked me to take some pictures of her next to my sunflowers to help her remember her visit. Perhaps the memory of California will warm her when she looks at these pictures. She has promised to come back some time in the future and we will be here waiting for her.
A busy bee at work.
This sunflower is a perfect example of the fact that sunflowers are not just yellow, as often depicted. This particular flower was grown from seeds labeled "Sunflower, Autumn Beauty." They come in mixed colors.

Here is the arrangement I was working on when I found Ingrid. These sunflowers are all from my garden.



  1. Your sunflowers are just gorgeous! I hope mine will bloom like that!

    1. I also hope so! I love Sunflowers just like you and they are easy to grow. They just need a little water, sunshine and some love. I'm lucky to have my sunflowers blooming year round.