Monday, January 9, 2017

Fairy Garden Class - Herbs Anytime of Year

In the Fall, I noticed a new fragrance in the air of my Fairy Garden. I followed the scent which led to a small container full of herbs which are great year round for cooking. After a little snooping, I discovered it was the work of Brianna who arrived short of two years ago. I sat down to talk with her and found out that she has been working with the children to learn about herbs and grow them. "That's right," I said "I remember when you were offered the job, you were so excited to teach!" We planned to meet again soon so I could take pictures of her work and possibly sit in on a class.

Start with a container.
I used a typical terra cotta pot.
Find some herbs you are likely to use in your
cooking. I found this at a local Stater Bros.
Market which includes Rosemary, Thyme
and Sage.
This German Thyme was found at Home Depot.

This Lemon Thyme is also from Home Depot.

By placing your herbs around the edges and rear of the pot, you allow yourself room to place decor of your choice to make this a decorative yet functional container garden!

If you have any questions about herbs, container gardens, or anything else we share here on the blog (including questions about a fairy in particular), please feel free to contact Grandma Sandy in the comment or via email.


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