Monday, November 19, 2018

Fall Challenge Submissions Pt 1

I sent out a request last month to My Fairy Folks, asking for their photo submissions for Fall-themed gardens. Here are a few that I have received so far.

This reader has decorated their door with a unique looking wreath that has warm colors but is not the typical autumn decor.

This eye-catching set up was put together by one of My Fairy Folks to make visitors feel welcome. This picture shows that this contest is not limited to home decor only, but I do need proof that it is something you put together (and not something you saw in public and then took a picture of).

The challenge will continue through the Fall season. I will choose one winner based on their submissions and the prize is a shout-out on either my blog, YouTube or Instagram (which could include a plug to promote whatever it is you are passionate about).


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