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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Spooky Update and Thankful Shout-out

I wanted to share with you an example of how one simple addition can really change a scene, even on little to - in this case - no money. In my previous post I introduced the Haunted House scene with Andy the Scarecrow and a circle of Fairies making candy. I decided there wasn't enough spooky ambiance so I gathered some dry twigs and turned them into dead trees for this scene. I love the dramatic change in spook-factor.

Also, since I have your attention, I wanted to give a very huge thanks to everyone who is following me on Google+; toward the end of September my page reached 10,000 views! I excitedly rushed to tell the fairies and they were also very excited, even though they weren't exactly sure what Google+ or the internet was.


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