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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halloween Festival

The Fairy Council - Alvina, Radella and Diana (L to R) - gathers to discuss the Halloween Festival which lasts throughout the month of October.

It was decided that Andy would be in charge of the festival decorations. Here he is with his crew, setting up for the festivities.

The first guests have arrived. You may not recognized them in their costumes but they are the inseparable pair of Bobby and Sue!
With all his hard work out of the way, Andy can enjoy the festival. He is introduced to Shay, a new scarecrow in the garden. It looks like they are hitting it off.

A pumpkin tried his luck, asking Samm to dance. It looks like she is having none of it. Poor guy.

Uh-oh! It seems that Andy has been misbehaving and is put in time out, guarded by Tink and Rose. Perhaps things didn't go so well with Shay?

The Queen's pumpkin has arrived! This must mean the Queen will make her entrance soon.



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    1. Thank you very much. My most recent post in a wrap up of the party. I hope you enjoy it as well.