Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Queen's Courtyard

Welcome to the Queen's Courtyard. Here you see Queen AmberLynn overseeing the community meeting which is addressing the ups and downs of the Halloween Festival and discussing plans for the upcoming Holidays.

The Fairy Council shares with the rest of the leaders and community representatives what they felt were the pros and cons of the Halloween Festival.

Rose, Tink and Samm suggest that the next holiday celebration be a little more watered down than the Halloween Festival extravaganza. Perhaps then everything will go smoothly.

Andy the Scarecrow sits next to the young fairies Nicholai, Bitsy and Johnny Jump (L to R) who also have opinions on this matter.

Queen AmberLynn does her best to set a good example for her daughter, Princess Jezelle, hoping she will pay attention to the way a Queen runs community meetings since Jezelle will be expected to at some point in the future.

Jezelle had every intention to listen well, but Mr. Blue the Peacock would much rather play and is becoming a distraction.

Despite her efforts, Jezelle finally gives in and loses concentration on the meeting to play with Mr. Blue.

Brittania, Keeper of the Dragons, listens intently whilst Mr. Smokey snuggles up at her feet. Lucky looks on, a bit jealous of the attention Mr. Smokey is getting, but too stubborn to vie for affection.


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