Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Brianna's Tour - The School

One morning while Brianna had been chatting with Zookned, Leeann and Patrick, Queen AmberLynn made a surprise visit. After formal greetings the Queen announced that today she would take Brianna on a tour of the school. Brianna said farewell to her friends, excited to see the place where she would be spending most of her time as the newest teacher.

Queen AmberLynn, left, waits patiently as Brianna says goodbye to Zookned, Leeann and Patrick.

In a matter of moments, they both flew over the school yard. Brianna couldn't believe how much was going on! There were a few small groups of kids and teachers spread out all over, each learning something different.

AmberLynn and Brianna quietly land near the school yard.

The Queen explains to Brianna what her role will be in the school before she fills out paperwork with Radella. Beginning next semester, an herb garden should be in bloom to get Brianna started with her lessons.

Brianna and the Queen hash out the details on the new class.

The two of them continue with the tour of the school, meeting teachers and students in their learning spaces.

A large group of students gather round the Tree of Wisdom. This is where most of the lessons take place for all ages. Today they are learning about fairy history.

Willow, center, reads a story to the children in the play area. Willow has been in charge of teaching the younger children for a while now since she has shown that she is very patient and caring, and the children love when she sings her lessons.

April, left, and June enjoy some time with the music teachers, Maestro and Minstrel. Maestro is the taller of the two and specializes is composing music while Minstrel has a way with words, singing bardic tales. The duo create lovely melodies that harmonize and inspire. During their music classes children learn how to sing traditional fairy songs, read music and, with the help of guest teachers, learn to play instruments.


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  1. There I would also like to go to school Sandy. You've set the school lesson very loving in scene. ♥
    Kind Regards, Carmen