Friday, March 6, 2015

The Gnomes From Woodland Grove, Part 4 - Green Greets the Queen

Bright and early the following day, Patrick made a visit to Queen AmberLynn. They had a nice long chat about the exhausting journey of yesterday as well as the wonderful time he and his tribe had when King Mac came to visit in South Ireland. Patrick also told the Queen about the agreement made to arrive to her community early to offer help in finalizing any construction and to help other guests from around the world travel through the rainbow (the fastest way to travel) in time to celebrate the grand arrival of the King in August. Patrick was inspired by King Mac's journey with the Prince and decided that his own son could learn about leadership and goodwill during this trip.

Queen AmberLynn and Patrick the Leprechaun have a lengthy conversation amongst the flowers.

Meanwhile, Princess Jezelle was far too curious about the new arrivals to stay away. Ryan, Brianna and Liam heard a knock at the door and were greeted by Jezelle's smile. She shook the hand of each of them, introduced herself and welcomed them to the community, remembering to be polite and princess-like. After a bit of talking though, she let down her royal personality and became an excited young fairy, eager to learn about Ryan and his homeland. Jezelle had never been to Ireland and wanted to know all about it.

Jezelle listens, captivated by Ryan's stories about Ireland.

Time flew by and before they knew it, Patrick was back from his visit with the Queen. He informed the others that everything had been decided on; Ryan and Patrick would begin helping with construction tomorrow, Brianna would be in charge of teaching herbal medicine at the community school and Liam would meet with the Queen to make a guest list and prepare travel plans.

Everyone is excited to learn that they all have a job to do in this community.

Grandma heard of the news and was also excited to hear that the new arrivals had already found ways to help in the community. Patrick apologized to Grandma for his initial outburst yesterday and complimented her on her garden. Patrick had also learned from AmberLynn about Grandma's blog so he wanted to send a message to her readers:
"The luck of the Irish be with you."
Happy St. Patrick's Day


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