Friday, March 6, 2015

The Gnomes From Woodland Grove, Part 3

As the light dissipated, the Fern family saw that the once empty lot was no longer empty. Now the lot was filled with furniture, dishes, books, tools and more - basically everything one would find inside of a house - scattered all around and a family of tiny people dressed in green surrounding a large black pot of gold. The Fern family began to calm down a bit, deciding that this group seemed non-threatening. Zookned told the children to stay put and moved to greet the group. The strangers began to gather all their belongings, at the same time surveying their surroundings. The children watched the people dressed in green quickly organize the whirlwind of a mess that their arrival had made and Sue thought to herself 'they must have done this many times before to be able to clean up that quickly.'

The 'strangers' arrive in the empty lot by way of a rainbow and quickly make themselves at home.

It was at this time that Grandma came out to her garden. She had heard the commotion all the way inside her house where she was working on her blog and rushed outside to see where all the noise was coming from. One of the men in green saw Grandma before she saw him and he jumped into the black pot full of gold. "You can't have me gold!" he shouted. Grandma heard this and looked down at him. "I don't want your gold, I just came to see what was making such loud noises out here."
Zookned explained to Grandma what had happened with the rainbow and the clattering. As fairies from the garden gathered around, the group in green introduced themselves.

Tribal Leader, Patrick
Ryan, son of Patrick

Liam, Keeper of the Rainbow
Brianna, the Healer

Patrick is the Tribal leader, invited to the community by King Mac on his travels through South Ireland, and father to Ryan. Liam is the Keeper of the Rainbow, the tribe's main mode of transportation and how they arrived to the empty lot (and perhaps partakes too much in adult beverages). These three are Leprechauns. The fairy Brianna is a healer who accompanied the leprechauns on their journey, also invited by the King, to teach herbal medicine to the community.

After some introductions, the 'strangers' didn't seem so strange anymore
(other than the fact that they're leprechauns, of course)

The excitement died down as the group of new arrivals announced their plans to get some rest early as they were very exhausted from their lengthy trip. Patrick made it known that he would be meeting with the Queen first thing tomorrow.


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