Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Boxwood Glen Open House

    Toby and Rascal the raccoons arrived to Boxwood Glen early, sure that they would be the first to see the unveiling of the new area. They knew that most of the fairies would still be in bed at this time, recovering from all the partying from the Spring Festival the night before. They made their way around the tall grass and glanced around.

Rascal, left, and Toby enjoy the colorful surroundings.

    To their surprise, they discovered that they were not the first to arrive and had been beaten by Frogge and PoePoe, gleefully teeter-tottering on the pathway in the early morning light. "What are you doing here!?" Toby asked. "The same thing that you're doing here," replied Frogge, "we're here to see the open house of the first Boxwood Glen home."

Rascal and Toby notice that Frogge and PoePoe have beat them to the punch!

    The four of them took in the scenery and admired the new home, including the banner of flags that was put up specifically for the open house most likely the night before, an area with potted flowers and gardening supplies and a seating area out front with an array of goodies!

The beginnings of a garden for the new home owners (whoever they may be).

    Rascal and Toby eyed the snacks and began to nibble. "Yeah, we've already had some of that. You missed the jelly-filled donuts, we ate all of those," Frogge said. "The early amphibians gets the donuts," giggled PoePeo.

An arial view of the early open house, complete with seating area and bridge.

    Once their bellies were full, the four of them chatted about the rumors for this new neighborhood. "I heard they are going to have a race track!" exclaimed Rascal. "Oh, the king loves horse racing," replied PoePoe. "If that is true, I hope they can have it done by August," Frogge said, "because that is when the King will be back." Toby nibbled at the crumbs on his face and asked "I wonder if there's anything we can do to help?"



  1. Your Fairy Gardens are so detailed and magical!

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. I hope you enjoy what's coming up next. There is a lot planned for the King's return. I've just posted the newest installment of FAQ and there is a chance for my readers to win a prize. Be sure to check that out.