Thursday, April 2, 2015

FAQ: Fairies Answer Questions - Answers

It's time to answer some questions! We had one come in on my fairy Facebook page and two others here on the blog. So lets get started.

Lorena M. was curious about something mentioned in a recent post where the music teachers Maestro and Minstrel were introduced; "I was just wondering what is a bardic tale?"

To explain this, I'll need to share a little Medieval history (with the help of Wikipedia). A bard was employed by a person of higher class to write poems praising their ancestors and family name. This term soon also became associated with authors and singers who would share epic tales which may have been based on fact but also bloated with embellishments for the sake of entertainment. So a bardic tale would be a entertaining story or song that is based on a fact. 

My granddaughter Elissa H. wanted to know what my favorite fairy was. I had never really thought about it and it's a hard choice since I am constantly getting new arrivals, but I think my favorite is... all of them!!! How can you expect me to choose one! That's like choosing a favorite child or grandchild; impossible.

Finally, we have a question from my fairy Facebook page.

"Your irises are beautiful! Do you dig them up when they are finished blooming or do you leave them in the ground in hopes they will come up again next year?"Maureen M.

I was visiting the home of my best friend earlier this year and her Irises caught my eye. They were stunning and I made an impulse trip to the store on my way home to buy the exact kind. They weren't bulbs, they were teetering on the edge of blooming, and it is the first Iris I've ever had. I plan to leave them planted and see what happens. I also plan to buy more, perhaps experimenting with different colors.



  1. Hi Grandma Sandy I have seen you had popped by to visit so I just wanted to come here to say Happy Easter! No of course you couldn't have a favourite Fairy but mine would be Willow, as we had a 10 week old Golden Retriever puppy called Willow come to visit today!
    Have a great week.
    Wren x

    1. I hope you had a great Easter as well.