Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Frequent Visitor

Mr. Peanut lives in Grandma's house and visits the fairies daily, making sure that the fairy gardens are safe of any pesky cats or rodents. He is sure not to knock over any furniture and stays on the paths. He is very gentle and the fairies have taken to him quickly. Grandma took this picture of Mr. Peanut listening in on some of the fairies gossiping. This photo goes out to Google follower Wandering Wren; you have posted so many pictures of your furry friend that I wanted to show you one of Mr. Peanut (and more to come in the future).


  1. Mr. Peanut is adorably handsome! And so well-mannered - he must have a person who truly loves him and spends time teaching him how to be mannerly with the fairies and gardens. ;-)

    1. He IS a wonderful, well-mannered dog. He often allows the fairies to ride on his back. The younglings sometime like to pretend he is a wild animal and he plays along, chasing them, still cautious not to knock anything over or hurt anyone. Thank you for your comment.