Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Get Creative, Win A Prize

    In the last installment of FAQ, I mentioned that there was a prize to be won for any reader who could come up with the most creative name to bestow upon my group of followers. I have finally decided what that prize will be; the winner will receive the following, pictured below: two fairy beach chairs, one fairy beach umbrella and one fairy beach table - a great booster pack for anyone wanting to start their own beach fairy scene. Be sure to enter simply by leaving your creative answer in the comments of THIS POST.


  1. Hello Sandy, your name could be "My fairy dream world" or "My magical fairies garden". I like your garden pictures very much. I design my garden also like with dreamy fairies. It is such a wonderful hobby. :)
    ♥ Kind regards, Carmen

  2. Fairies at the beach is a good idea :)

  3. Hi Sandy, how about "My fairy folk" and you are queen of the fairy folk.
    It's not easy to find an appropriate term, but "My fairy folk" describes your readers quite good. :)

    Dear Greetings, Carmen

    1. Thank you, Carmen. I like it. You are completely on the right track and are welcome to submit more ideas to up your chances of winning the prize.