Friday, August 14, 2015

Guests Arrive Daily

Guests continue to pour in as the King's arrival nears. Jezelle (right) does her royal duties to show the guest from Germany, Nettie, around the community. Whitey the rat accompanied the two. Even though fairies can fly, sometimes it's nice to just walk or ride, especially to better connect with nature. It looks like these two fairies are getting along well; Jezelle talks about how excited she is for her brother and father's return and Nettie describes her home town and culture. The princess has learned so much about other cultures around the globe thanks to all the new visitors.

While Jezelle was showing Nettie around, another group of guests arrived. Pegasus (left) grooms his son, Pegasus Jr., after the long journey from Greece. Eunice admires the close relationship her husband and son have. The three patiently wait to receive their tour of the community, being greeted by other fairies in the meantime.


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