Friday, August 14, 2015

The Magic Onion Fairy Garden Contest

This will be the second year that I enter The Magic Onion Fairy Garden Contest.

The following blog posts are the gardens I chose to enter in the contest this year. I feel they are the best work I have done in the last year. 

Halloween Festival Wraps Up

I chose the Halloween scene because I am proud of how my very first holiday-themed garden turned out, trying something new with the use of artificial lighting. This scene was also the first time I implemented the use of video paired with spooky music, which I absolutely love.

Fall Fairy Garden Tour: Updates

This picture of Woodland Grove, part of the Fall Fairy blog post, is one of my favorites. This scene had begun small and in preparation for this contest, I wanted to spruce it up and gosh darnit did I do a good job! Just about everything about this scene is an upgrade to how this area started and I'm so proud of how it has turned out. I feel there is little room for improvement but for the most part, this is my pièce de résistance.


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