Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Grace's Secret and The King's Interview

Here is a photo of Grace when she
first arrived in our community.
The fairies made an interesting discovery recently. Do you remember Grace? She always seemed to be in the background at community events and I wrote it off as her being shy. Well, one day just after taking some new guests on a tour of the gardens, Princess Jezelle spotted Grace hidden among the greenery with a notebook and pencil in hand. Grace seemed to be writing about what she was seeing. Jezelle decided to snoop a bit and got closer. Grace must have been deep in thought because by the time she noticed Jezelle, the Princess was right in front of her!

When questioned, Grace blushed, embarrassed she had been caught but admitted that she had always loved to write but sometimes didn't have anything to write about. When she arrived here and saw how busy and active people were, Grace decided to keep a running journal about things that happen here in the community.

This caught Jezelle's interest and she asked to read through the journal. As she read, the Princess' face emitted emotions captured in the journal; some moments were sad but most were happy. Jezelle closed the journal and looked at Grace quietly for a moment before her eyes lit up. 

"Brilliant!" shouted the Princess. Grace was understandably confused but Jezelle explained. "We've never had a writer here before and I think this is just what the community needs, and what great timing! My father and brother have just returned and you will interview them, gather information about their travels and write them down for a Fairy Newsletter!"

Grace blinked a few times, processing the information. It was all happening so fast and this is exactly what she'd always wanted to do so it only took her a few seconds to jump back to reality and agree to take the job, with a big smile on her face.

Grace sits down with the King for their very first interview.

The King agreed to an interview, stating that it would be an easy way to let the community know about his journey and what he learned without leaving anything out.

He, of course, enjoyed all the fairy communities he visited around the world and took note of the differences. He not only learned about other fairy cultures, but also about the culture of other beings around the globe.

"As you see, we have so many wonderful visitors from around the world that I visited; Scotland, Ireland, England, France, Germany, Russia, China and Korea. We didn't visit every country but one can't expect to see the world all at once. I extended an invitation to every fairy community I traveled, that they come visit our community in return. It was, of course, an open invitation and while some couldn't make it for this King's Festival, I hope that they will come visit soon. But those who managed to come have all proven themselves to be wonderfully talented entertainers!"

Grace, full of curiosity and intuition, asked about the guest that the King and Prince had arrived with.

"Oh! That's Czz! He's a comedian and he comes from Russia. When I met him, he had me laughing so hard that I cried! I love that he can find humor in any situation. I'm so happy he was able to join me on the last leg of my journey back home."

Czz (pronounced See-Zee) always has a big smile on his face and hearty laugh in his chest.

Grace asked a few more questions and had many more to ask, but she knew that the King wanted to get back to the celebration and asked to do a follow up interview later before putting together her very first fairy newsletter.


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