Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Floral Show Entry and Placement

On November 7th I submitted two entries into a flower show. A few weeks before that, I happened upon a flyer for this event to be held in the beautiful and historic Kendall Place nestled on the Plymouth Village Campus in Redlands. A woman who works in my building, whom I often discuss gardening with, kindly shared with me a clipping from the local paper spotlighting the event. I'd never entered a competition like this but figured I'd give it a go; it could open the door to another facet of gardening that I had yet to explore.

Outside of the building, garden enthusiasts socialize and browse the many related vendor booths.

I decided to enter two pieces that qualified for different categories; Miniature Garden Exhibit in the theme of "Fanciful Fairy Garden" and Combination Planting, sub-category Terrarium. I had never worked on a terrarium before but the category caught my eye and, again, figured I'd give it a go. There were many rules and restrictions to abide by, but come time for me to take in my entries, both pieces had met all the requirements.

My entry in the Fanciful Fairy Garden category

My entry for the terrarium category

There were many beautiful pieces spread throughout the building that ranged from single cut roses  ("1 stem with 3 sets of 5 leaves" was the requirement for this category), eatables, container grown foliage as well as table setting designs. They even had a youth category for students grades K-6. I enjoyed speaking with other garden enthusiasts and saw inspiration in the other exhibits.

You are probably wondering how I did, right? Well, My Fairy Folks, both of my pieces placed! I really had no competitive intention to win, I simply wanted to enter the show to see what it was like and get familiar with it, but each of my entries won second place. For my Fanciful Fairy Garden entry, the judge commented: "Very well done. You're all in scale except white rock which is a bit out of scale with other components."

My second place ribbon for "Fanciful Fairy Garden"

My second place ribbon for the terrarium category

Overall, it was all pretty surprising! I had two entries, each placed and each got second place. Not bad for Grandma's first time! I am eager to enter the show next year and will keep my eyes and ears open in hopes of spotting other local shows. I would like to try my hand at a tiny floral vase - I thought they were very cute (possibly because I'm so used to everything being tiny for my fairies).

I've put together a slideshow of the many other photos I took. Unfortunately there was so much to see, I couldn't capture it all. Check them out below.


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