Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mad Scientist's Haunted Mansion

Jezelle was invited to join Laura for tea and got caught up in some spooky gossip. Laura asked "did you hear what happened to Grace and Gwendelyn the night they were invited to the Mad Scientist's Haunted Mansion?" Jezelle almost spit her tea out! "No, tell me!"

"Well, Grace and Gwendelyn were sent an invitation to come visit a large mansion. They knew the man who owned it was a scientist but only found out later that he was mad! Okay, so they both get there, knock on the door and it opens but no one is inside. They walk in and ask "is anyone here?" but no one answered. They ask again, louder, and this time someone says "hello, thank you for coming." They don't see anyone. They call out "who's there?" and the voice replies "it's me, Dexter." Grace and Gwendelyn walked around the room and still couldn't see anyone. Grace asked "where are you? I can't see you."

"I had a little accident in the lab," the scientist said "and it turns out that I'm invisible." How crazy is that!? They reluctantly went on a tour of the house with an invisible guide and even got to see his lab with all his potions and experiments. The further up in the mansion they went, the more they feared they would be unable to find their way back out if they needed to make a run for it. Grace was worried the two of them might end up part of an experiment, or even turned invisible.

They were finally taken to a large room where a big feast was laid out. "Please, take a seat," the scientist said. Grace and Gwendelyn looked at each other, concerned, and Grace wisely said "we need to wash up first, can we use your bathroom?" He told them where it was and they managed to find a window that they could squeeze out of to escape whatever fate may have been in store for them!"

"Wow," said Jezelle. "That's scary. I guess the moral of that story is to really be careful with who you visit and make sure you know them. Good thing they went together." She slowly sipped the rest of her tea.


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