Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Farewell to Spring

Here's a collection of photos from my gardens that I didn't have time to share during this Spring. Farewell, Spring - we'll miss you.

The painted lady has become surrounded by foliage, accompanied by garden gnomes.

Yellow Day Lillies.

Red Day Lillies.

"Sunrise" Day Lilly.

Peach Day Lilly.

Speckled Petunias.

California Poppies and some purple stuff.

The infamous Pigweed.

So, we never found out what this plant in the middle is (tall, white flower), so if you have suggestions, please share with me. These tall, purple flowers are Lilly of the Nile.

A collection of pansies, Lily of the Nile, spider plant and artificial flowers covering my garden hose (I'll have to remember to discuss that at a later date).

Another area of the yard.

Yellow Day Lilly.

Princess Colette surrounded by vibrant flowers.

Yellow and white Iris.

Cheerful gardener gnomes admire pansies and daisies.

The painted lady is no longer the tallest thing in this area of the garden.

And that wraps up the parade of Spring pictures! I hope you enjoyed them. Below are the videos associated with the above pictures, so look at them all twice!


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