Thursday, June 1, 2017

Return of the Pigweed

The Mystery Plant from November that was identified in January (read previous post) as Amaranthus (aka Pigweed) has made a new appearance in my yard. I loved the look of it and seeded along my back fence line, hoping it would provide a full, beautiful way to block out my neighbor's yard. Well, here's an update.

None of the seeds that I planted took, despite all my efforts. However, you can see that the plant did bloom in an unconventional place; between the pavers of my nice seating area. So, I sacrificed my seating area so that these plants could take it over, only in the hopes of harvesting more seeds to try the fence line again. 

They've absolutely taken over this portion of my yard. See that fence back there? The original plant was in one of the cement blocks that isn't even in the picture (off to the left). I'm thankful that this is as far as they got, and really hope that my second attempt at the fence line will go better.


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